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    i feel very helpless right now in my life... i am 27 years old and currently live at home.. moved out a few times and got into trouble because i was easily manipulated into doing stupid shit... anyway, i am a very intelligent technical type person but i just dont think i am putting it to full use to live the life i want... i just got back from dallas (from okc) and noticed that pretty much all of dallas is beautiful.. as far as huge houses, nice cars and beeaaautiful women... makes me want to move there to try and "make it"....

    but the reason for my post,

    again i am 27 and living at home... i am currently paying off a loan thru my dad for some irs debt i had after cashing out stocks and not paying the taxes... it would be about 2 years until i get it paid off if i make my normal payment to him but really other than that and car insurance, that is my only two bills so i do have quite a bit of spending money..


    since i feel like a failure, i try and spend my money on the things that i believe successful people would own or buy things for temporary happiness... and i am an extreme techy so i LOOVE gadgets... so i am basically living for the now and not the future...

    if i was to save up and try and look for the future, while saving i believe that i would be unhappy because i wouldnt be able to buy those neat gadgets that i enjoy playing with so much... i am just at a point in life where i am scared shitless... i do not know where to turn or what to do or is it to late to make my break to becoming wealthy?!!
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    So to clarify, you are 27, live with your dad/parents rent-free, you have a job and buy a lot of "stuff"?

    With those assumptions (and correct me if I am wrong), your dad isn't doing you any favors and you'll have to find your own motivation for becoming an independent adult.

    If you aren't paying rent, and you are really interested in bettering yourself, stop buying the toys and put the extra money away in an interest-earning account. You can have a down payment for a house or some savings so that you can catch up with others your age in two years when you have settled up with your dad. Better late than never though.

    Or, keep doing what you are doing, and you'll be in the same exact place in two years.

    Unless you are 100% sure you are going to inherit a LOT of money soon, stop worrying about being wealthy and start worrying about being at least average (but self-sufficient).

    I feel for you, it sounds like a tough spot to be in.
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    What advice are you seeking?

    The smart wealthy people are those who know how to prioritize spending.

    Think about this....those people you idolize with the fancy cars and the slick clothes are those who just SPENT it all.

    The truly wealthy ones are the ones who don't have to show what they have because they know they're damn filthy rich.

    Put money away, get out on your own, save for a home....the day you're sitting in your own house looking in pride at your own ability to provide for your own welfare. THEN you are rich both inside and out.
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    Loving and helping others is infinite more important then making money.

    (but between you and me a financial healthy situation is very nice)

    I made a debt solving page , see if you can find something in there, anyway i wanted to give you some personal advice.

    You don't win anything with what you are doing now, priorizing money (putting money on an altar) would be what is important, there's another thing that's more important tho, you should never be spiritually dependant on money, if God asks you so to speak, you should be able to throw a bag with 2 million dollars into the fire, and drive your ferrari of a cliff without even caring,money isnt worht your life. But since your in such a desperate money situation, you should start living only for making money, you don't earn anything by spending, so any penny that you keep in your wallet adds to the number you have. Its all about earning loads of money and not spending it, its simple 1 + 1 = 2, if you keep adding 1 more and 1 more to it, the amount of money will at one point hit a million. Avoiding all the minusses. And increasing the plusses, will add to your fortune, the bigger the plusses, and the smaller the minusses, the more likely you'll be prone to be rich.

    There are a lot of things that you don't need, and there are a lot of things that you don't get any profit from like buying (gadgets) what do you win with it financially? Nothing its actually a drawback, yes its your life like you want to live it. But it doesn't 'gain' you anything financially now does it? Put money on an altar ,and only work to produce more of it then that you ever need in your life, as long as you stay to be a loving and helping person, independantly spiritually of money, then you should be reasonably on the right track.
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    Where you fraid ta be at.
    Those gadgets that you spend your money on lose their novelty quickly because as you said, they provide you only with temporary happiness. With that in mind, you should put that money away and save for something that will give you long lasting happiness, like a house for instance.

    Everybody wants to be wealthy, but only a few people will actually become wealthy, and you're still living at home (no offense) so you're trying to run before you can walk. Focus on becoming self sufficient first, then when you have your shit in order, you can start thinking up ways to acquire material wealth. Baby steps man, baby steps.

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