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    My uncle frank loved Mustangs and his last purchase was 1971 Boss 351. Standard package with the exception of a factory Roll Bar and shoulder harness. Frank was getting on in age and sold to my brother-in-law for $1.00! Yes, that's I said! Well he and my sister were my gaurdians and I worshiped that car growing up and since frank's passing holds a special place. Since my Sister's divorce, I have not seen it for around 15 years. Well my former Bro I heard let a Buddy(I'll call him that for now!) while drifting I am guessing, hit a pole! Drivers side Quarter panel, it made me sick when I heard about it! Well my Brother-in- law passed away this Wednesday and I saw it for the first time the Monday prior. All the pieces are still in tact and he pulled the damage the best he could. there is another panel on the ground behind it. Well it is finally mine and I am on the fence. I would have to store it for a couple years as I can't afford it now. All the value is gone, but is still dear to me. Fun Car! Top Loader 4 speed, detroit Loker rear end. The Boss 351 is Cleavland with Boss 302 heads, pop-up pistons@11:1, etc. It has been in the High desert so no rust, but sorry shape!
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    how bad is the damage?

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