I found the den of fools where @remmy gets all of his crackpot theories from


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Dec 16, 2007
Its r/the_donald meets r/conspiracy inhabited by slow thinking Qanons

https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Chocker/ " A place to expose the sad state of Democracy in America "

@remmy can you confirm this is where you get all of your news from?

What does Chocker mean?

Are you planning to join the "Million MAGA March" on 11/14?

This thread highlights the crazy that is to be find throughout



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Lol when I have fifteen minutes and need a laugh I read /r/conservative and laugh at the fucking idiots melting down at this election.

Screaming voter fraud this and election tampering that but you know if trump won, it would have been the fairest election in the history of the world.

tldr: trump supporters, get fucked


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Nov 15, 2001
Lol when I have fifteen minutes and need a laugh I read /r/conservative and laugh at the fucking idiots melting down at this election.

Screaming voter fraud this and election tampering that but you know if trump won, it would have been the fairest election in the history of the world.

tldr: trump supporters, get fucked
If trump won the left would be screaming the same shit the right is screaming, also the left would be burning down cities.
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Apr 11, 2009
If trump won the left would be screaming the same shit the right is screaming, also the left would be burning down cities.
Trump supporters are fantasizing about instigating a civil war.


I like my beer like I like my violence, domestic
Nov 15, 2001
When Trump was up big on the night of the election and people thought the sky was falling I didn't see any claims of fraud.
I wasn't really looking for it, I'm just saying if trump had won then we'd have to hear those claims from the left just like in 2016. Most news stations did a pretty good job of telling viewers the mail in ballots were mainly from the dems.


I like my beer like I like my violence, domestic
Nov 15, 2001
Trump supporters are fantasizing about instigating a civil war.
I think the dumb people on both sides want a war, but yes it does seem the right wants it a lot more.

Really just ready for this to be over with.


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Apr 1, 2018
I wasn't really looking for it, I'm just saying if trump had won then we'd have to hear those claims from the left just like in 2016. Most news stations did a pretty good job of telling viewers the mail in ballots were mainly from the dems.
You’re an idiot


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Aug 7, 2005
If You Read Anything This Weekend Make Sure To Read This: GAME OVER

Let me cut to the chase to alleviate those who are stressed. It is GAME OVER! Not for Trump, for libs, the media, the elections going forward. There is so much good news coming that believe this will be the greatest event in US history. I am literally GIDDY, and looking at what we are hearing from every state, I should be nervous, anxious, borderline depressed. Nope, the complete opposite.

Here's what you MUST keep in mind for the next week if not month. These are the DARK times. This is the full frontal attack by the dems. The media is in full propaganda disinformation overdrive. You are being targeted by a psy op campaign like a military assault. Their ENTIRE existence depends on keeping you in the dark, depressed and quiescent (in a state or period of inactivity or dormancy).

Now is the time for hope, prayers, optimism, and ANGER at what they are openly doing. Don't get sad, get mad. It is a MUCH more productive emotion. It leads to change and action. The media is here to dishearten YOU. The best thing you can do for your own sanity is avoid ALL media sources that are even slightly main stream. Perhaps all media sources altogether. You also must remember, they are NOT in control.
It looks that way because the Trump team has NOT fought back yet. Not even close. EVERYTHING is poised to go Trump's way, but it won't in tshort term. The short term is going to look AWFUL. I mean the worst case scenario you could ever imagine awful this is EXPECTED, and believe it or not, the MORE they do, the BETTER it is.

We want them cheating as much as they can possibly cheat because ALL of it is being recorded. I mean we should actually be handing them boxes of Pedo Joe ballots, because the more they do, the worse the PAIN and the outcome is going to be for them.

You must have faith. This is going to end VERY well, but by all means PRAY. I guess I should apply a caveat saying I could be wrong, things might turn out differently, blah blah blah, but I am not going to. I am that confident in what is coming. They are literally going to make movies and documentaries about what is coming. This will be discussed in history books centuries from now. People who have been getting dreams and messages before the election are saying they are still being told Trump wins. Personally, I had a sense of absolute dread when the Fuhrer (obama the fraud) took over. I knew evil tidings were coming. For what it is worth, I am off the charts giddy with anticipation.
With that, let's start with the "bad" news first, and remember ALL of these things are unofficial, absolutely fake, and will boomerang back against them, so I am virtually chuckling as I post the "bad" news. The really "bad" news, is that Pedo Joe has a fake lead now in PA and GA. They just keep on finding tens of thousands of "lost" ballots. GA said there were 10,000 ballots left, then found 60,000 Pedo Joe ballots. If Pedo Joe has PA and GA along with WI and MI, he wins hands down, so why is NO ONE declaring victory? Not Pedo Joe, not the media, not the dem fraudster leadership. NO ONE. They declared victory before the election started, and now Pedo Joe leads everywhere, and no victory claims? Hmmm.
Ah, this just in minutes after I drafted this. Some members of the MEDIA are declaring Pedo Joe a winner. Hilarious. Spotted Al Gore fought until mid December, but the media is trying to psy op us into believing this is over, shut up, go home and accept it. Also happens on a ‪Friday afternoon‬ which is typical and expected. This is ALL expected. Do not panic. This is a DESPERARION move trying to legitimize the theft and fraud. It is part of the cover up and is MEANINGLESS! It's like Baghdad Bob telling everyone live on TV they crushed the American infidels while M1 Abrams tanks rolled in the background.

So lets examine their malfeasance. This is a new one for me, and I love it. A US Postal worker was caught taking uncounted Trump ballots into Canada, and was arrested. In MI, they were using a software program in 33 counties that basically didn't count any Trump votes. Gee, I wish we controlled the NSA to see what really happened.... Milwaukee updated their registration portal nearly a dozen times which means that as they count votes for unregistered voters, they are going back and adding them in as registered voters after the fact.. NV is doing the same thing. Gee, I wish we controlled the NSA to see what really happened... Did you know that right before the count in GA showed a Trump victory, a water main broke where the ballots were kept? What a coincidence. The Trump team won a legal ballot and PA was ordered to allow Trump people observe ballot counting, and despite a court order, were kept out. There are 3 dem watchers for every repub watcher in Philly. Good news, we found someone who has lived 170 years! A guy born in 1850 voted for Pedo Joe. Immortality is right around the corner. That should encourage the 21,000 dead people found on the rolls of the PA registration.

A US Postal worker was interviewed by O'Keefe and he said that workers are being told to back date all new ballots that are "discovered". Another DEM worker in PA went online to say the coup to take the election from Trump is happening. In MI, more unmarked cars showed up with boxes of ballots. PA announced they discovered 750,000 more ballots. There is a video of poll workers filling out ballots in PA. NV announced they would accept ballots ‪until Nov 10th‬, because it is no longer election day, it's election season.

Chris (Krispy Kreme) Christie said there is no evidence of voter fraud. Fox News Wallace said the same thing. Trump held a news press, and all six major networks cut away as soon as he said the following. Trump said they have so much proof, and so much evidence of voter fraud. The FakeBook site "Stop the steal" that had hundreds of thousands of followers but was taken down in less than a day after it was created. More and more conservatives are getting banned from YouTube. In fact, I don't even look at YouTube to access sources I routinely use for this email because NONE of them are there any more. Previously, that's where I would go almost every day.

The number of twitter posts by Trump has decreased 80% since the election as full censorship is taking over. There are increasingly loud calls to have Trump's twitter account taken down permanently. I hope they do it. 100% serious. Tucker Carlson has a great take ( https://www.breitbart.com/clips/202...rust-sets-the-table-for-awful-things-to-come/
about the importance of people having faith in the election process, and he is of course right.

Okay, that is all the "bad" news. This is as bad as it gets today. With the media declaring fake victory, I expect the dem leaders to now try to say Trump has to step down, accept the steal without fighting it, blah blah blah. DON'T BELIEVE ANY OF IT! You are being worked over. Now here's where the giddiness comes in. Before I get into that, ask yourself a VERY basic question. Why weren't they declaring victory? Why are they censoring absolutely everyone and getting worse every day? Why aren't Nazi Pelosi, Hillarnazi, the Fuhrer, Piece of Schiff, Fat Nadler, Cryin' Schumer, ALL declaring victory?

Not only are they not declaring victory, they are deathly SILENT! Since when have ANY of those people been quiet? For a week? After they have taken the lead in almost every state? Even Pedo Joe is essentially silent making very rare and very brief obligatory appearances. He doesn't look or sound like someone who thinks he just became the next president. With the media declaration they will try to act like they have won and are in total control when they aren't. The reason they WERE silent is SIMPLE. Because they KNOW they haven't won. They KNOW they cheated to get to this point, but WAY WAY WAY more importantly, they KNOW that WE KNOW AS WELL! That is the key. In the past, their criminal voter fraud was covered up and on a smaller scale. This is rampant in your face without a doubt voter fraud. They know it, and they know we know it.

There's actually a ton of proof this is true too. Dems are in a civil war among themselves about how they got crushed in a landslide ‪Tuesday night‬. Leaked internal memos show they are FUMING with each other about how badly they got defeated. Very odd for a political party about to win everything, right? They are not only bickering internally, the state media is openly asking how they got crushed so badly in talk shows. Beaten badly? Aren't they poised to win everything?

Trump got the most minority support of any republican since 1960. Dems are FUMING over this making racist as hell statements and threats against the minorities for leaving the democrat plantations. They ain't black, remember? They also ain't Hispanic, gay, trans, Jew, and all other minorities that went to Trump. The Tuesday results showed that dems didn't flip ANY state legislature, and in fact lost two. All across the US, the state legislature is controlled at almost every level by republicans.

Here's what dems and the media are trying to convince the country of. Dems lost everywhere at every level, and people came in and voted for republicans and conservative causes all across the country, then voted for Pedo Joe. They also expect you to believe that even though the highest voter turn out in any election in US history EVER was 74%, that 90% of WI showed up to vote despite there being no enthusiasm for Pedo Joe, and that 100+% of Philly voted.
So there's the LENGHTY tease. Are you READY? As you know, I believe this ENTIRE thing was a trap. We FINALLY have REAL proof. It comes from four sources. The watermark is REAL. 100% confirmed real. Let's start with the most concrete proof. There is a letter from the Mexifornia Sec'y of State who oversees the entire election for Mexifornia saying that the Mexifornia ballots would have a red watermark of the California Poppy, a flower. BAM! That is GAME OVER for the democrats.

I'll get to the other proof is a second, but look at the language the dems keep using, "Count ALL votes" while Trump says to count all LEGAL votes. HUGE difference. More proof. This is a video from an intel insider who says he isn't authorized to give many details, but the LEGAL ballots were indeed watermarked by a BLOCKCHAIN QFS ENCRYPTED watermark. BAM! It gets BETTER than that believe it or not. Another intel insider posted online that not only are they watermarked, the legal ballots can be tracked from PRINTER to the counting station. This means they can track who was in possession, where they are right now, if they were destroyed, buried, etc. There is the blockchain we were looking for.
The fourth source of evidence comes from a friend here in TN who has ties to very rich and very powerful people who told me that he was told the Trump admin had Xerox print all legal ballots and did indeed include an invisible watermark. Do you understand what this means? This means that when they go to recount the votes, literally MILLIONS will get thrown out. This explains why Trump announced he will challenge the count of EVERY state Pedo Joe "won". EVERY SINGLE STATE! Sound like someone giving up?

The implications here are ENORMOUS! THIS is why we are getting the reaction we are seeing. Let's adopt the military mindset yet again. First of all, Q tells us they use Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" tactics. What does that mean? That means that you appear WEAK when you are strong and strong when you are weak. Right now we are letting them think they are in control, and we are weak and powerless even though Trump just told them he has tons of proof. The liberal boots on the ground think they can sit behind closed doors and fill out Pedo Joe ballots printed in China all day long until they "win". They can also just take in truck loads of illegal ballots until they "win". But it gets MUCH bigger than this, and it again goes to Sun Tzu and the military. The military think LONG term, and uses the short term for that end. This takes us back to 2018. They KNEW they stole the House elections in 2018, yet did nothing to stop it. Why? Because they wanted to be ready for this moment to spring the trap.

Okay, so then why let them steal the election and then try to reclaim it? Seems like a risky strategy when it could have been simpler to put the counter measures into place, let Trump win the election and not go through the battle we are about to fight. That would be the path of much less resistance, and achieve the same goal, right? No, you aren't thinking big enough and like the military. Q said NOTHING can stop what is coming, and he ABSOLUTELY means every last word. This is where faith becomes important, and I still beleive in Q and his team becasuse they have been two steps ahead of the deep state since Trump took over. They weren't prepared for the biggest moment in Trump's presidency after clearing the decks to take down the deep state? They are going to lose it ALL right at the end? HAHAAH! They (the Q team) KNOW they have this election sealed and done for Trump because NOTHING can stop what is coming.
Trump's victory was only one of FOUR primary goals of the election:

Goal one, MAGA for life, at least the next four years. About to be accomplished (more in a bit).

Goal two, the permanent take down of the deep state libs. The libs are about to be exposed in the single greatest political criminal scandal in US history. High treason and insurrection on a nationwide scale. There is NO escaping this. THOUSANDS of gov't workers and dems are going to go to jail just for their actions during the election. They are being tracked and recorded right now. This will be a death blow to a party that got destroyed in the election and was already reeling.

Goal three, expose the media as complicit traitors. The media is INVOLVED in the insurrection between cutting away from Trump, reporting fake results, calling states prematurely, working behind the scenes to coordinate actions with dem leaders. Now they are declaring Pedo Joe the winner despite rampant voter fraud, lawsuits and recounts looming. Social media censorship and election tampering. It's ALL there. The media WILL NOT survive this. The tech giants are going to get destroyed. The state media as well.

Goal four, and this is really goal two. Secure all future elections. NO ONE can argue going forward that ALL future elections must be much more secure. The level of fraud is going to be so overwhelming that no one will be able to stop Trump passing mandatory voter ID which will be the Real ID system, deporting illegals, etc.

The Q team used this election to DECIMATE their enemies at ALL LEVELS. It is BRILLIANT! But it gets even BETTER. The implications here are ENORMOUS! Think what is coming for the deep state. PAIN! Gitmo, PedoGate, FISAGate, Russiagate, etc. The media will have been absolutely neutralized going forward meaning these scandals will be exposed to the WORLD uncensored. Furthermore, when they bring up charges against Hillarnazi, the Fuhrer, Nazi Pelosi, and all of them, the country will understand that these people were the ones behind the election scandal, and have little to no sympathy or defense for them.

Do you now understand why I am literally GIDDY as I type this? You are witnessing the promised STORM and the coming PAIN! Q will not have just delivered, it will be the single greatest moment perhaps in all of modern world history! Q told us on Halloween we are about to retake control of our country, and he meant at ALL levels, not just the presidency and Congress. The awesome factor here is off the charts. I know some here are skeptical about what I am saying. I AGREE that as of right NOW it LOOKS really bad, but ask yourself this. When have they EVER beaten Trump? When did they ever catch Trump off guard? Trump told us in June this would happen. Do you REALLY believe they did not anticipate this? When has Trump not fought back? Trump could produce a transcript of a random phone call he had with some dude in the Ukraine before the dems could, do you REALLY believe they did not see this coming since 2015? I am being serious. Reach deep down inside and ask yourself if you actually believe they were truly just caught off guard by the dem vote fraud machine with no counter measures in place despite warning us about this for a very long time. If you believe that, you are letting negative emotions control your thinking.

Trump has a dream legal team assembled who haven't even fired the first shot yet. Believe it or not it gets BETTER. SO MUCH AWESOMENESS you all.

The ONLY way this could fall apart is two fold. One, I am completely wrong, and we are about to enter an age of darkness. I truly don't think that is the case. The second is the system allows the theft to take place. Watch this video. We control the ENTIRE SYSTEM at every single level. I mean every single possible level where this might be challenged. There is NO WAY for them to win or steal this. I mean NONE! The trap is sprung and they are DEAD. They have nowhere to go.

Remember when Q said that some would choose to commit suicide? Now is the time to keep watch. Look at what we learned yesterday. Trump's Sec'y of Defense is about to resign. This is a deep state swamp critter who knew he was going to be removed after the Trump victory. This guy is acting like Trump's victory is ensured because IT IS! Believe it or not it gets BETTER! So much AWESOMENESS!

They put 20,000 ARMED national guard troops in all the contested states quietly over the past two days. The DOJ just approved ARMED guards to investigate voter fraud! We have NEVER seen this, and this is a new level. The media won't report this, but we have seen the dem criminals literally cheer as repub watchers are removed from their theft centers thinking they won. You think they will challenge the ARMED Nat'l Guard? They are about to find out they brought a butter knife to a Hellfire Drone fight.

So with ALL that information, do you understand why Trump is saying he will challenge ALL Pedo Joe states? He is going to get tens of millions of Pedo Joe votes tossed out and show the country that Trump won in a landslide. But it gets BETTER (so much AWESOMENESS).

The other reason to challenge all states is to counter the fraud for Congress! There is a REAL possibility after all this that we gain seats in the Senate and take the House. Now you understand also why the nat'l guard is being rolled out, because libs are going to absolutely go BERSERK! We will have meme material to last until my next life! This HAS to be done for the reasons Tucker mentioned. There are actual open calls for rev'l, and if everything I have said is 100% untrue, then there might indeed be a revolution. NO ONE believes Pedo Joe is the legitimate president. America can see what is happening, and NO ONE is being fooled. Patriots are ready to rise up for the president they LOVE. Q is still absolutely silent meaning the operation is in full force, rigged for red, etc. There are a few unlikely other outcomes.

The fraud is SO rampant, that it is possible they order an entire new election which would be safeguarded and be DEVASTAING to dems. But remember, for the next few days if not longer it will LOOK like they are winning. Don't be fooled.
The Q team has been preparing for THIS moment. This might actually refer to the ten days of darkness. By law, the DOJ can't intervene until TEN DAYS after the election so expect at least 10 days of dark news. Do you understand now why Q ALWAYS says dark to light? Darkness will be conquered through light? Do you now understand why he keeps telling us to don God's Armor and that God wins?

I listened to a lady last night who wants them to change the law RIGHT NOW increasing the penalty for voter fraud to be on par with treason so we can execute these bastards, and do it BEFORE we arrest them. I love the thought process.
There is another scenario you must prepare for. It falls into the ten days of darkness category. As Trump exposes the fraud, and things start to shift his way, I fully expect censorship like we have never seen before. No coverage of anything Trump says, his social media accounts taken down, etc. The deep state will not go down quietly. This is where we turn to Q from four YEARS ago saying they would use the Emergency Alert System to communicate. It might even be the time Trump rolls out his alternate media channel SO MUCH AWESOMENESS.

Misc items. Did you know the guy who was the biggest proponent for mail in ballots was the same guy who set up the fake Russia dossier? Do you think that didn't alert the Trump team IMMEDIATELY if they weren't already alert and aware?

Colorado has gone pure evil. They just voted to over turn the ban on late term abortions. They also voted to bypass the electoral college, something I imagine the Supreme Court will over turn.
All year long, CNN has run a daily toll of CV-19 deaths. That disappeared election day. Goodbye CV-19.

Finally, I LOVE this last story. The NYT ran an article saying that Trump's typos on Twitter are actually purposeful to send a message to his followers. This is ABSOLUTELY true in what is a random act of journalism by a state propaganda machine. That's not the awesome part. What is awesome is they got blistered for the story despite the fact that it is actually accurate. SO MUCH AWESOMENESS you all. HAVE FAITH AND PRAY!


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I wasn't really looking for it, I'm just saying if trump had won then we'd have to hear those claims from the left just like in 2016. Most news stations did a pretty good job of telling viewers the mail in ballots were mainly from the dems.

I know you probably stumbled in here from a shitty corner of the internet where the fake news flows like wine, but nobody thinks the 2016 election was invalid. The issue people complained about was foreign interests using big data to target good candidates for messaging from troll farms, which 100% happened.

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