I Got My Mic's In The Mail The Other Day... *help*

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by M-1000, Jan 9, 2004.

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    Core-Sound Binuaral Mics


    Im using my Sony MZ-N707 minidisc player as the recorder. I plug the mics into the Line-In input to record. This cuts out the noise made by the minidisc mic-in amp.
    I know these mics are amazing but I cant get them to work to their full potential. All my recordings come out very low when I play them back (either with headphones from the MD or through the heaphone out > line in on my audigy soundcard).
    I installed Pinnacle Clean! 2.0 yesterday, made a ~20 second recording to mess around with. I clicked normalize and it boosted the db level of the recording to one that is quite reasonable except there is a hell of a lot of background noise. I used the autoclean feature but that didnt help.
    I think all I need is a high quality mic pre-amp. Mics > pre-amp > MD line-in.

    What im asking is if anybody has any experience with recording with MD players and would like to give me a hand in figuring out how to make the recordings sound 'good'

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