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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Audtastic, Oct 23, 2007.

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    I've been so depressed for the past month. I hate my job. I hate school. I hate my major. I feel like all of my friends abandoned me.

    I've had the same job for 3 years now. Its a shitty restaurant job that I hate, I make shitty money. I want a really good job but because school is so intense I don't think I'll be able to get away with the schedule I have now.

    I go to a bullshit 2 year college. I'm majoring in vascular technology which is their hardest major. I'm in the first semester which is the pre vascular semester. This is where they see how you are in class and at clinical. The more and more I go into it the more and more I'm beginning to hate it. When i mention this to my family all they say is think of all the money you'll be making in two years. I mean yeah it would be great to have a good job after only going to school for two years but I don't want to hate my life after that.

    It really sucks because I made a post before about how my friends barely talk to me and I mean with my one friend we had a talk and everything seemed to be good after that but now every time i try and call her she never picks up or calls back. My other really good friend goes to school 4 hours away so I never talk to her. I stopped smoking pot due to random drug tests involving school so the other friends that I had haven't talked to me since.. I had a party over the weekend and called a bunch of people yet only 3 people showed up and one of them seemed like they couldn't leave fast enough.

    I just don't know anymore I haven't felt this depressed since my dad died a few years ago. Part of me wants to have everything go back to the way things were but the other part of me wants to move far far away and start over again. I just don't know what to do

    Sorry for the vent
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    They say 'good medicine tastes bitter'

    Doing those things in your life that are the right choices, maby will not be nice at all, but in the end it pays off. And this is something i think your family believes in, and that the pay will be great.

    Now that's easy to say of course, but you are the one who's getting hit and the one who has to make all those sacrifices.

    You know you make your post sound asif you don't have a choice asif you are totally stuck. In reality that's not the case, you have to stuck yourself to the things that do make your life worthwhile.

    Sometimes you don't quit your job because you need the money. And your tight schedule prevents you from getting another job, so what your going to do is this. Tomorrow you call your job and you say ' im quitting ' , and then your going to listen to the advice that a millionaire once gave to me 'life is like a bus ride, if the bus doesn't go where you want to go, then you jump off and take you to a place you DO want to goto, if you keep doing that then you'll eventually reach your destination of happyness.

    Therefore quit your job, and in the time you have left from that job, you can search for something worthwhile, even if it puts you in a less fortunate financial position i would say do it, because that's only going to be temporarily until you get a better job, its not the choice i normally give because usual i say to people first get another job, then quit the old one. But for people with severe time constraints or who otherwhise are too tired to find another job, i do give that advice, but also for those people who are stuck in a circle and need to jump out of it in order to progress like you i will give that advice to just quit

    Ok now i believe that during the weekends you should goto parties and meet new friends, you don't have to party each week, but hey meeting new people who can replace your absolete friends is a great idea ,because since they are never in your life, you can't call them friends anymore anyway. Goto gatherings of people, concerts ,parties, or clubs. Choose the right people in your life who don't put your life on a halt, rather stimulate you to progress in life.

    Point 3 is your major, unfortunatly you cannot change that. The drawback of constantly changing is like a person who makes art, and goes building sculpture to sculpture without ever finishing one, 1 finished sculpture > an entire studio with 12000 half or 1/4 th finished sculptures. An important life lesson is this finish what you start even if it was a course on eating shit every day. That's not the point, even if you are never going to use vascular job related appliances for the rest of your life, be sure that you did complete the course.

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