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    Well at least the MWR part of it.

    I called White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) lodging to find out their rates for Temporary Lodging. The girl was very courteous when she explained that I would be charged $66 for myself, $5 for my wife, $5 for my son, $5 for my other son, $5 for the extra room to put my sons in, and $10 for my pet dog. This rate of $96 was per DAY! I was planing on staying in for my first 10 days free and then a week or two after that to house hunt. Well, the BAH for WSMR is $906. This means I can stay an extra WHOLE NINE DAYS beyond my initial 10 days without dipping into my pockets.:ugh2: At Keesler, I would have paid $38 a day regardless of my three dependents.

    Cliffs: Army MWR charges an arm and a leg for their temporary lodging facilities. Try $96 a DAY!
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    it's a Missile Range. They gotta gouge you while they can. It's not like they get a lot of visitors. :mamoru:

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