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  1. Ok, look at this from either your point of view an/or the g/f or b/f point of view. Let's say you were dating someone for 3 years. The relationship had it's fair share of problems, but both couples love each other dearly and had some great, one of a kind times with one another, not to mention it was a first true love type deal. Now let's say one person moves away to another state and returns a year later but doesn't want to be together anymore because he/she is afraid to be committed again and basically petrified that it will end up bringing all the bad shit that happened back to the forefront.

    Now lets say just by a random occasion you see your ex. Do you think the encounter would most likely spark those feelings of love and attraction again? Perhaps one reason why one wanted to avoid the other was b/c they were trying to protect themself, they still have feelings for one another but are afraid to be committed with that person again for whatever reason. Seeing that person would still be hard though, no?
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  3. Would you say that sometimes if someone acts very aggressive towards their ex b/f or g/f that they are/were deeply in love with it is really an act of fear because they are still in love with them but do not want to be with them out of fear and would like to move on, so they overcompensate by acting angry and aggressive? Of course it depends on the circumstance.
  4. Both, from experience, when my ex was trying to mess with me and get back together with me in march, I was a clusterfuck of emotions, one minute loving her, the next hating her like no other. I think that holds very true for my ex and myself, we split on awful terms and there is no reconciling no matter what. She was unneededly hateful and I just hate her now, so I guess it all works out.

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