I have an HDD that I move from computer to computer, NIC problems on some

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    Ok, I'm going through about 40 computers with all sorts of crap on them. What I do is put in my HDD with XP loaded, I test the computers, make sure everything works and then format the drive that is currently in it. I'm having a weird problem with the embeded NICs not working for some reason though.

    I can take the HDD out of a comp that is on the network, move it into another comp with the same motherboard and the NIC won't work. On Friday I had 3 computers I put notes on the embeded NICs did not work. Today I decided to try them again since it was a little suspicious that ALL 3 would have their embeded NICs fail. Well... they worked just fine today. I couldn't get the NICs working all Friday, shut down the comps and left them, turned them on Monday and they work fine. What is up with that?

    So I was excited that it was then working... I switch the HDD to the 4th computer and the NIC doesn't work again. I have the correct drivers.

    In one case Windows automatic updates downloaded themselves but yet I had a 192.168.x.x address and could not ping and could not ipconfig /renew. How is that even possible?

    It is like the NICs are failing to hear back from DHCP. And sometimes I will see like LAN connection 9 has limited or no connectivity. There is only 1 LAN connection on each computer.

    I'm going a little crazy here.

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