I have no desire to get committed with anyone, why?

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Exit, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Exit

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    Dated a few girls, and had kind of bad experiences as a whole and one disasppointment (was going well until something random happened). Relationships were meh except for one long one.

    Now, I look at a lot of females, even pretty ones, and just get disgusted - not in a turned off way, but I can't help but look at them as an object. I see how they act in bars, and normal conversation seems to get nowhere. I then play the jerk card, with mixed results, but the ones that like it I have nothing to relate to them with.

    The only girls I can have legitimate, fun conversation with without being a jerk or getting bored of their actions and general immaturity are my friends. I would date a few of them , but it will not go anywhere.

    I find, and no offense ladies, that most females are into the most boring things in the world and cannot hold a conversation amongst themselves unless they talk about marriage, relationship issues, or how they are bummed being single and not married at 21. Am I wrong for thinking they are psychos?.

    I can think of TWO girls I love talking to, and actually make me happy, the rest I cannot fathom being around.

    I can't even recognize the worth in becoming involved with someone - I find that making myself happy is a lot easier and more of a payoff than worrying about a relationship.

    And I'm young, 21, in college senior year.
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    21, in college, and worried about relationships?

    You should be sticking your dick in as much pussy as possible at this point. These are your no strings attached years for some prime fucking. You can worry more about relationshps when you get to be over 25.
  3. Exit

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    Even so, the ones that are pretty hot you gotta work for, and the ones I could probably have I have no interest in having sex with (multitude of reasons).

    It's not low libido, I get horny in public like normal people do, I just am apathetic in terms of trying hard. I want it easy or I just give up - and the hottest ones are work so, I'm in a rut.
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    You'll be fine sweetie. In the next few years you'll learn why for the most part, seriously finding and dating someone during college is harder if you're really trying to find someone mature. You also might not be as engaging and mature as you'd like to think :cool:

    Girls at 21 (and younger) can be extremely shallow in their goals and value, but more than likely your problem is simply that you are fishing in the wrong ponds.
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    I can relate to almost everything you said. I've mentioned several times here my tendency to become bored with people, especially women. I've had one relationship in my life, yet I meet dozens of new people per week. All these new people are great to get to know at first, but I quickly lost interest. I've kinda just come to the conclusion that I'll always be like this.

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