MIL I have questions about Ft. Hood.

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Stilgar1973, Nov 13, 2009.

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    I have a couple of vexing questions about the Ft. Hood shooting. I decided that there was no better place to go then here, hopefully I can grab the attention of some Army people and they can straighten me out.

    The bottom line with me is that I am a civilian asshole and know nothing of the Army or Army life, hence the questions.

    The biggest question in my head involves the shooting itself.

    Now my understanding of what happened (and by all means correct me, that is the point of this thread) is that at Ft. Hood there is a building that processes people returning from overseas and that is where the shooting happened.
    Hassan proceeded to use 2 pistols to kill and wound 43 people.

    Here is what I can't wrap my head around.

    If you asked me to make a list of terror targets for a terrorist in order of the likely hood of the terrorist suceeding Ft. Hood and any building on the base would be near the bottom of my list.
    Specifically a room full of soldiers returning from active duty abroad would be at the very bottom of my list.
    I picture (in my little fantasy world) some Army dude (or dudette) that is still a bit stressed out taking the opportunity to break Hassan's arm in 3 places and then proceed to strangle him with said arm before Hassan can get off 6 shots.

    I suppose I watch too many movies.

    Still though, it seems to me that these people are trained to deal with people like Hassan.

    *I beg of you, don't take this as any sort of insult. I have nothing but respect for people that are doing things that I cannot do, but yet need to be done*

    So my first question is how did he manage to get off 40 some hits (I would imagine a fair amount more rounds then that that missed) before being taken down by whoever took him down.

    The second question is... just where the bloody hell where the damned guns?

    Seriously. As a civilian I picture any military base as crawling with guns. Ft. Hood is a big one - I imagine not being able to walk 20 feet without hitting my head on the barrel of some rifle or some shit.

    But from what I have been reading military bases are largely gun free zones.

    What the bleeding liberal hearts is that about?
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    Somewhere out there (Houston=home)
    There is actually no guns and no ammo walking around the base eccept for armed sentrys, police, and people on the shooting arent even allowed to concealed carry a weapon on base if you are in the military and have a liscence
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    People (Soldiers) have their guard down on post. You don't expect this type of action on post. So the Soldiers were probably very surprised and not prepared for it. That is probably why no one close to the terrorist stopped him (or broke his arm as you put it). Not everyone in the Army are green berets, delta force, or Jason Bourne.

    All arms are normally stored in the arms room in each company. They have to be checked out. Soldiers do not carry around their arms on post, unless they are going to the range to fire.

    Soldiers are allowed to have their own guns in their car, but they have to be in transportation mode. And many have them in their homes loaded (which is fine).

    But you can't conceal carry on post.
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    we're not really trained to run after someone who's shooting at us when we're unarmed. Someone starts shooting, i'm ducking behind shit

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