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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by vitamin dew, Apr 19, 2007.

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    Ok, so i've figured out my next few tattoos. My idea came from replaying the old Pokemon Red version:)rofl::mamoru:) when I got aboard the S.S Anne, basically, I decided I want some sort of boat tattoo. Because well, S.S is also my initials, so they would be included somewhere lol. So while at work im costantly thinking about it and decided, I want to get some sort of pirate/ghost ship, but I dont want the emphasis to be on the sails, I want a nicely detailed looking boat itself. This would be for a half sleeve until I get more added, so im thinking upper arm. Problem? my arms arent very big(19, 5'6 and 123lbs), is that going to be an issue? Like, would it look strange if the profile of the boat was on my inner armpit to elbow, with the sails wrapping up around the arm?

    Ok, so now that you've read all of that, the second bit that I would eventually add is going to be an octopus, which I want to be a bright orange with black shading, the ship is going to be mainly dark aswell so mostof the color being in the octopus so it really stands out(all because of your Koi iamjeff6). This would go from elbow with the tenticles reaching down to the wrist with appropriate water shading or whatever to fill gaps.

    So yeah, mainly im just worried about the ship placement. Hopefully this will get started within the coming months since I just got a new job and can start saving for ink.
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