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    Sorry OT I know I ask you guys a lot of questions but in all honesty I don't have many people to ask in real life and I want some outside opinions.

    I am 19, and a sophomore in college at MSCD. I don't know whether it's because of my age, or because I just think a lot but I have a lot of things tearing me in different directions and any guidance I could get would be super helpful. The problem is I have so many issues in so many areas of my life I don't want to put up an autobiography and bore you, so I will only tell you about the issues that are on my mind the most.

    I don't know if any of you know the Denver area very well but I live south of Denver kinda by centennial airport with my parents.
    (here is a map)

    Anyways my deal is I don't know where I am going. I live with my parents because my mom had brain cancer and as a side effect needs people to help her move around the house (get her in/out of chairs/bathroom etc.) and my dad is a firefighter (works every other day) and can't retire yet (age/stock market). As for living here I don't really mind and it's nice to not have to pay rent but at the same time I feel like I don't enjoy it here much. I have this sense to go out on my own and meet new people and want to be responsible and pay bills etc..

    As for school I love school, but I don't know what I want to do. I have always had a hard time choosing something and when it comes to school WOW, I can't even begin, I don't know where to begin. People say do what you love but I love a lot of things, here are things I like:
    • Photography
    • Guitar/Piano
    • Web Design
    • Computers
    • Hiking/Nature
    • Running
    • Video Games
    • Reading/Writing
    • Learning
    • Teaching
    • Making movies
    I know there are more but you get my point. I think I am a creative person but how this translates into a career I don't know. Last year I tried Music Education and found it wasn't for me. This year I have tried Technical Communications (entertainment/corporate multimedia) which is like writing scripts for movies/TV/corporations or camera/editing work. I really like it and am getting A's in my classes but I don't know if I am actually good at it. My problem is I am really flexible and could see myself doing anything. But the key is when I am older I want to live with a wife with kids in a little community maybe a mountain town or something. And I don't really know if any of my hobbies would go with these things.

    I don't have many friends at this time because most of my old HS friends moved away or we grew apart and began acting differently morally. I made a new friend this year at school and he's a pretty cool guy but I used to have a booming social life and kinda just miss hanging with people and not having to drink to have fun.

    As for dating, I kinda did the dumb NSA thing (only 75% of the way) and realized that I was being dumb/typical male and it was beneath me. Recently I met a girl at a friend's party and we went to a club together and had ton's of fun and she kinda was like cuddling with me and all over and wanted me to visit her the next day which I did. She seems like a really cool girl but I am not trying to advance too quickly because I don't want to end up in a bad situation.

    [Lastly JOBS]
    I worked at Target for 3 years since I first could work and eventually felt like a change and went to Red Robin to be a server. I make really good money but honestly it's a way stressful job and too irregular for me. My only problem is I don't know where to work I can do so many things and have ton's of experience that I think most places would love to hire me but I have had no luck on the job search. I thought maybe I should go back to Target (in which they greeted me with open arms and promised me a job anywhere I wanted, but would start me at 8.00 when I left at 8.68, aka rip off)

    Anyways I don't know what to do, I know not everyone can answer these questions but if you see something that jumps out at you plz answer it for me. At this point any advice would help.
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    Honestly I would say you are right on target as a 19 year old.

    One thing I've realized about these young adult years (I'm 21), is that it's a transitional stage. It's not at all unreasonable to not know where you're going in life at that age.

    It's a very good idea to be interested in a lot of things, like you are, and pursue them. Eventually one will pop out as the one for you. You may find it the most interesting, it may make the most sense, but for whatever reason something will probably call out to you, and it will make sense.

    My advice would be to just keep on doing what your doing, and try to improve and build on what your doing as you're doing it. If you still feel like this at 23, then start to worry.
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    The best thing about problems is that for every one that you have, there are volumes and volumes written about that subject. Your local bookstore will have many answers.
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    Problems? Man, you are doing perfectly fine! You are handling every situation that you are thrown in perfectly: You are not making the same mistake twice: you are analyzing, but not over-analyzing the situation you are in and making a roadmap of what you want to do and would like to do.

    I don't know what you think is wrong, but if you are just looking for someone to pat you on the back and say good job, here it is man!

    I am 20 y/o right now and used to be in the same boat as you. I thought I was out of whack and needed major help on the "issues" (and i put them in quotes for a reason...) in my life. It took me a full year to realize that I didn't have any REAL issues to fight against, and that what I was experiencing was the transition from the teenager years to Young Adult years.

    Be happy that you have a family that loves you, an easily available education, and the ability to have a choice of what to do with your life.

    You are fine kid. Keep up the good work :)

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