I know I need to eat better....but that is ALWAYS easier said that done...

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by Jebus, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. Jebus

    Jebus Guest

    Any good books/tips/hints :noes:

    I have been eating a lot of chicken + brown rice + veggies
    I used the talapia recipe form the board here to great success, I try tuna, but really I need some new ideas

    it just gets old, I would love some new ideas, or some sort of input on what you guys eat or do. I know most of you are bulking up so this may not be the best spot, but I also know you guys have a lot of knowledge, and what better place to get it.

    Looking to lose weight, I am currently at 330, down from 375...oh yeah...FAT
    smaller portions have helped, and eating more veggies and less processed foods have really made me lose weight in a fast, safe, and healthy way.

    my workout rotation can be posted if it matters, but I am just looking to control portions, eat smarter, and have something that my wife, I and my future child can better eat.
  2. hootpie

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    Oct 5, 2003
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    Anything that is worth having is going to be something you have to work hard for. A nice body is one of them as long as you're not gifted with one genetically.

    The first time I ever dieted to lose weight I went from eating everything and anything (it is disgusting how much I overrate) to eating the exact same meals at the exact same times every single day for 14 weeks.

    Any time you want to break from your diet you need to get naked (or at least take your shirt off) and look at yourself in the mirror. If that is not feasible, then at least grab your gut and your moobs.
  3. KIDRR

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    Nov 1, 2004
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    Sucks bro, I have the opposite problem. If I stopped eating like an animal I'd probably be down 20lbs in a month.
  4. Whitey Ford

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    Apr 7, 2002
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    Manly, Sydney
    I lost a bit of fat (and posted progress pics). Lets assume you lift heavy weights already and don't need a lecture on calories in/calories out.

    Do you track your daily intake? Fitday, Calorie-Count etc are all good sites that will have all the foods you buy, just enter how much you ate and it will track it for you.

    For me, a big gain in fat loss came from when I focused on high protein, high fiber and lowGI.
    • Turkey
    • Prawns
    • Tuna
    • Salmon (yum fucking yum on the grill)
    • White Fish
    • Kangaroo (perfect meat, no fat, high in protein, high in iron)
    • Lean beef, try 'Skirt Steak' cuts.. mmmm
    • Low fat cottage cheese
    • Low fat yogurt
    • Steel cut Oats
    • Dark green veggies
    • Diet Jello (9 calories per serve lol, nothing!)
    • Almonds (carefull, high in calories, but very good for your health)
    I stopped eating the following, pasta, bread, wraps, rice and bagels. Notice a trend? Eat big in the morning, have oats and a boiled egg, eat small in the evening. Avoid carbs 3 hours before bed.

    Add chili sauce to cottage cheese to make the best low calorie, high protein meal from the fridge imho.

    Don't be afraid to replace one meal with a Whey Protein and Water shake. I've found ON Whey Mint Choc Chip to go well with water and it's a sneaky way to get more protein.

    Lift, lift, lift. Persue an active lifestyle, take up a team sport, walk around.
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