I know im late- but Optimum Polish is FTW

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Robb, Apr 9, 2007.

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    WOW-finally got around to using the OP today, i didnt have bad swirling, but it annoyed me. So after washing, claying and taping off the car I started w/ OP on a white polishing pad, that knocked out 90% of the swirling, the second pass took out the rest, it was awesome. I did have to change to a yellow pad for a few spots that had deeper scratches, but just the polishing pad and OP did an amazing job. Im very happy w/ this polish. It does what 83/80 does combined. I like that i just have to change pads and not polishes. It also broke down fine enough on the polishing pad that i just waxed afterwards and it looks awesome. Just thought id share, in case anyone is thinking of ordering it.
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    I agree, OP kicks ass. Optimum Polish kicks ass too. ;)

    Just FYI, Optimum's Polishes work best when you use less. Once the pad is primed, maybe 2-3 pea sized blobs per section is all you need.
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    yeah, i made a thread about it too.

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