i need a amp & 6.5"s

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ROCKINtheASTRO, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. im going to pick up my 2 10" alpine type S's on friday :)cool::squint:) i need an amp thatll put out 200w at 2 (??) ohm...not sure of the ohm:o, but thanks. i also need 2 6.5"s in place of my 6x9s, thetll be running off the HU, which will put out 50w to each, i'd like nice ones, that i can listen to with out distortion at cruising volume. and my budget is....eeerr i dont know, but i'll trust you people

    thanks :)
  2. budget for everything is $400ish

    EDIT: i need an amp that pushes 200w to EACH of the subs (400in all)


    your head unit delivers around 22 watts of usable power to the speakers. Dont be fooled by the high THD peak output specs :)
  4. damnit, i hate pioneer, lying sons-a-bishes:mad: :mad:

    okay, since i dont feel like buying a friggin amp, nor do i feel like wiring one up, what are some good 6.5"s? and i need an amp for the above application

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