i need a surround receiver for my "home theater"

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by IceMurder, Apr 8, 2007.

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    im looking to spend around 200 or less... i have a 5.1 surround speaker thing that hooks to my computer im guessing that cant be hooked into a receiver? But i also have a few big pairs of speakers laying around and i just bought a powered sub the other day. i've been looking at these 2, any opinions? im not too sure what to look for, im kinda new to the whole home theater thing :hs:



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    The Pioneer is 100W x 7 peak and has no RMS rating (that I can find easily). It's going to be in the 50-60W range.

    The Onkyo you have listed is a better deal, IMO. You give up 7.1 for 5.1 but get a much higher quality amp.

    Quickly looking, You could get 6mo free financing and save a few bucks with the following amp. The only difference I can find from the one you've linked is that you give up component video switching for RCA's.

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    I have the Onkyo Reciever now and I liked it a ton. I bought as a part of the Onkyo HTIB paired with their entry level speakers.

    Check out shoponkyo.com if you are planning on getting the Onkyo. I believe if you get a refurbished unit its only 119, and if you make an account on clubonkyo.com (free), you get 10 bonus points which will knock off 10 dollars of the unit's price. If you want the 7.1 capability they have a unit the TX-504 I believe for just 159 (refurbished). The units might have some comestic damage but function fine and they do come with all the connectors / cables.

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