SRS I need advice - my bro being taken advantage of

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    Ill try to keep this brief.

    1) I live with my older bro, have been for 5yrs now and its his house.
    2) A week and a half ago one of my sisters and her hubby moved into here (for the time being, and hopefully theyre out ASAP), but my guess is 1yr. :wtc: They moved in cause they sold their house and just staying here for the time being till their new one is built. They also had the choice of staying at his parents place or my other sisters/hubbys place - but they had to choose here :greddy::rolleyes:
    3) My older brother is too nice of a guy at times and lately ive been having suspicions that my sis and her hubby are using him.

    I can understand with my brother letting them stay here and not making them pay rent. But what I dont like is how theyre pretty much cleaning out our kitchen and my bro litterally cooks for them every night - and even pays for the food to make their dinners!!! Yes they go and buy their own groceries, but they also cant stop eating all of my bros and mine! I dont mind them eating my groceries but dont eat it all! Christ!

    I tried talking to my brother last night about the whole dinner thing and how he should let our sister and hubby cook and make dinners for themselves. But like I said my brother is too nice of a guy at times, he doesnt do or say anything about it. :wtc: On top of that, they arent even at the very least giving my brother money to help pay for their dinners! WTF!

    I almost feel like I should take this into my own hands and talk with my sis/hubby - should I? I have a bad feeling about it and how it might just cause drama. I get along just fine with my sis and her hubby. I mean its one thing to buy dinners for 2 adults well in their 30s, but to cook for them as well?

    And even breakfasts, I notice every morning when they make their breakfast, they dont clean up after themselves and leave all the dirty dishes and pans, so then I have to go and wash them and tidy up the kitchen! They just eat and head out.
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    If it's his house, you have no real authority to talk to them about helping out. I mean, you can, but expect to hear "your bro hasn't said anything about it".

    If you tried to talk to him about it, and he didn't want to, you've done all you can do.

    Keep track of your stuff, keep it separate, keep your private living area clean, and don't try to start stuff.

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