I need help I cannot drag icons or files at all. Please help if you can.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by fallenleafs, Mar 7, 2005.

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    I installed the latest security update from mac.com with the software update and can no longer drag icons, files, or folders. It simply will not work. I can no longer drag a file to the trash or drag a file to another folder, it is pretty annoying. So I called up mac's support line and they said that they cannot help me and do not offer support for bugs with their updates. However they offered to troubleshoot my computer for $50 per issue. Does anyone have any suggestions or has this happened to anyone? I was thinking about formatting the hard drive and re-installing all the software, but I will lose quite a bit of files that way and consider that to be a last resort. If you can help out I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, Adam
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    Damn, I wouldn't know where to even start. Try posting on Spymac.com. They may have someone on there that has experienced this or something like it before.

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