I need help renaming my HD's

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by uflathead, Jan 14, 2004.

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    I just reformatted my comp and while I did that I unplugged my 2 other added on drives because I didn't want anything to happen. Now in "My Computer" Drive G is listed as Drive H and Drive H is listed as Drive G. I want Windows XP to recognize Drive G as Drive G again and the same thing for Drive H. How do I get them back to how they were before the reformat?

    I have 3 physical drives but they're listed as 4 because of a partition on the main drive:

    C is 15g of FAT 32
    D is 45g of NTFS (same physical HD as C)

    G was 60g NTFS
    H was 250g NTFS (using a controller card)

    G is now 250g NTFS
    H is now 60g NTFS

    I tried using the device manager to uninstall both G and H but they won't change back to original when I re-install them. I also tried Powertoys but that doesn't help either. Anybody have any ideas?:hs:
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    right-click the My Computer icon, click on Manage. then on the left sidebar of the following window you should see Disk Management, click it, then where you see the drives right-click -> change drive letter
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    ^^^ You need to set one of them to a completely different drive letter first
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    thank you guys :bigthumb:

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