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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by coughlin's law, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. So I just got around to playing with my custom function settings, and I was wondering, in a case of taking club photography (for my friend who DJ's) are any of these helpful?

    Long exposure noise reduction

    AF-assist beam -- it gets dark in the club I take photos in... should I leave it on Does not emit, Emits, Only emits ext. flash?

    E-TTL II - Evaluative or Average?

    Shutter curtain sync - 1st or 2nd?

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    Leave it off. It only helps on really long exposures, like over a second or two. It takes the picture, then a dark frame to subtract the hot pixels of the sensor.
    If you have trouble focusing then turn it on. The last event you posted looked like you wouldn't need it--it was basicly an office with all the lights turned on with some dude that hooked his Zune up to a PA system. :ugh:

    It's pretty self explanatory what this does. If you don't know the difference between first and rear curtain sync leave it to default.

    And weren't you the guy a couple of months ago that said you weren't a photographer and you'd be fine with a point and shoot for everything you do?

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