TECH I need to clean out my MBP

Lit Wick87

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I've had it 2 years in december. I've noticed the fans go on a lot more than before when watching videos/streaming things. I'm assuming there is a ton of gunk inside of it as well. I might as well open her up and clean it up right?

I'm also contemplating a new HDD as mine has been full forever. either a 7200rpm 320 or one of the new 5400rpm 500's. I would take out my superdrive as well to put in 2 hdd's but that kit is stupid expensive for what it is.

On a side note can i just pop in the new hdd, put in leopard and install?

Legend Zero

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Jan 14, 2005
i've been wanting to this as well for my powerbook, but the opening and cleaning out the fan doesn't seem to simple. =(

Deleted member 35467

in for cleaning suggestions. i bet there's stuff under my keyboard :mad:

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