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Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by temp, Mar 28, 2006.

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    I just started lifting back in mid-January. I am 6'1", and when I started I was 195 lbs and about 21% bf. I decreased my caloric intake to about 2200-2300 calories at first, and lately I've been aiming for 2000.

    I haven't done deadlifts yet (I'm in some weight training class at UT, and the instructor is making us stick to a periodization routine that doesn't incorporate them, though I may start doing them on the weekends), but my numbers for bench and squat have increased a bit since starting. My 5RM back in January for bench press was ~75 lbs, and my 5RM for squats was around ~90 lbs. Now my 5RM for bench is 105 and my 5RM for squats is 175 (probably a bit higher).

    Even though I've been on a cutting diet, I've been having noob gains and visibly putting on some muscle mass. This makes things complicated for when it comes to trying to figure out my weight every once in a while. For the last 2 or 3 weeks I've been stuck around 187 lbs. My waist size has gone down 2 inches, but I feel like I'm not losing as much fat anymore as I should be (like a pound or two a week).

    I'm trying to take in around 1900 calories now, but I'm confused as how to do this while keeping my carb intake below 20%. Aside from grilled chicken breasts (does anyone have good nutritional info on these? I have them around 150 calories w/ 18 g of protein, but I don't think I'm eating the skin), tuna, and fat free cottage cheese, I rely on things like Natural PB & sugar-free Jelly (Splenda instead) sandwiches for 30 minutes before workout and a 2:1 carb : protein ratio for my PWO shake (right now it's 34.5 g maltodextrin/34.5 g dextrose/34.5 g whey).

    If I want to get around 20% carbs, I may need to eliminate the bread and jelly from the PB&J sandwiches all together, but should I still keep the 2:1 ratio for my PWO shake? Also, what else can I eat aside from 2-3 egg whites, chicken breasts, and tuna? I'm an RA at a dorm and have access to the cafeteria, but 95% of the stuff offered is ridiculously high in carbs. I only feel safe eating fruits, vegetables, and chicken breasts when I'm down there.
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