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    So my kid had her school pic taken and we opted for teh smallest package and I was to do the rest. My wife wanted the class pic so that is why we got anything.

    Well there is a studio here I have access to for cheap, so I called teh owner and made plans to go there this past sunday to do my kids shot. Brought my 2 flashes and my umbrellas and figured I would use my stuff and whatever backgrounds was available.

    Well I meet the owner and he tells me I am not going to need my stands that he has some. I go back to teh studio and apparently another guy who uses teh studio has brought his monolights for anyone using the studio to use! They were all Norman monolights with built in PW receivers. a gridded hairlight up on a boom, a huge softbox, a dome softbox, a smaller softbox, and a kicker light with no modifer. There was grey paper setup with a white sheet over it with a black sheet over that for 3 backgrounds and then an entire box full of muslins to use. It was incredible. I was so clueless. This is nothing like using my flashes. There was a pocketwizard trasmitter and a sektonic light meter for anyone to use. I need to learn to use these lights and that meter cause while my pictures I think camoe out nice and lit alright, I think they might be a bit flat and not enough shadow.

    not bad for the 10 bucks it cost me to go an mess around with the stuff for an afternoon. 10 bucks is what everyone pays to play to help cover costs here and there. I just need my camera.

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