LGBT I purchased a Jetta from a gay couple

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Diesel Fumes, Apr 24, 2008.

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    I feel like telling my story as I got a chuckle from this:

    Started off about 2 years ago. I bought an old 1984 Audi Quattro sedan from a guy. I only met him, bought the car for cheap, whatever, drove it home. Car came with no records, but I got the guys full name on the bill of sale.

    This past December I purchased a 1986 Jetta turbo diesel. Turns out the owner of this car kept all the records from new (1 owner car). I was looking through the old receipts and seen that some had his name and others had the previous Audi owner's name on them. Strange I thought. Dug into it a bit deeper and was talking to a VW enthusiast friend who apparently purchased a few vehicles from this same couple of guys. Said he knew them quite well. Openly gay couple. They have been together for a great number of years. He said likely since they purchased the Jetta together. Oddly enough, I looked further into the receipt records and found that both names were present on bills as early as 1 month after the purchase of the car.

    So right on, im daily driving a homo-mobile :big grin: :rofl:

    Where is this story going? Well, I've decided to strip the car down completely to do a rebuild. Started by removing the seats and I was going to remove the carpet. Because its an old car, the door sill was only partially attached. Common problem with older dubs. Anyways, stashed under the carpet was a porno magazine. "Finally Legal", it was a bit wet from moisture build up, but I glanced inside, and surely enough, naked girls :hsugh:

    Thats my story

    Nothing against gays.
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    Next to a Miata, the Jetta is the car of choice for gays. I would have been more suprised is a straight guy sold it to you.
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    I'm here for the gang-bang
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    not all gay guys are either GAY or STRAIGHT....but still i could see why that would be funny lol

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