SRS I swear I'll stop with the ex questions...

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Los, Sep 11, 2006.

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    This is more along the lines of if I'm doing this right.

    So! Two days ago I told her finally that I couldn't be her friend, I couldn't do the whole "I miss you" and "let's leave an window open just in case" kind of thing. She kept telling me that she loved me and wanted me but she couldn't just leave everything she had established there (working at Walmart for a few months, a few friends she's known for A FEW MONTHS, lame boyfriend who's fucked up more in a week than I have in three bad months). So I tell her whenever you're ready to work on our relationship and you're not with pencil dick, let me know.

    I thought it ended there.

    But she decides to talk to me again yesterday and I, again, tell her the same thing. This time, since she already knows where I stand, decides to use some of her old tactics against me (she aborted once, we both regret it, she holds it against me still, etc) and its just a mess. I call her and tell her the same thing "I love you, blah but its not happening. And its not going to." She says yes it is, give it time, etc and I'm not hearing it. Finally she has to go to work and says gotta go.

    I thought it was done.

    She tells me today on aim that she broke her arm. I'm slightly worried so I see what happened, then she lures me into a retarded conversation about how stupid drunk she was and having to leave her truck in a bad side of town (I don't live there anymore, btw). So I just blew her off. She sent me one more IM but I know she's been browsing my account on myspace. I don't care about that but I'm doing the right thing? Blowing her off? Getting my space?

    Info. Thanks.
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    sounds like she just wants attention...and a backup plan

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