SRS I think a lot these days about life not existing anymore...

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Paulie Walnuts, Apr 24, 2006.

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    The song "Down in a hole" by Alice and Chains pretty much sums it up.

    I just feel helpless, always unhappy. Part of it stems from being unemployed, but the rest is just a shit load of other things. I just think sometimes it would be so much easier if I just walked away from it all. It would be easier for me, my family would get over it soon enough.

    Life just doesnt appeal much anymore, my medications dont help, I do not have insurance so I cant see a doctor.

    My fiance wants to just go get married at the courthouse to get on her insurance but I refuse. I already spent $7k on the ring Im not wasting that on some fucking jailhouse marriage.
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    For those who are down in a hole, the only thing they have to do is to look up to see the light.

    Nothing in the universe exept love and helping other people can make you happy. Everything in your life is extremely money orientated , and a good deal materialistical too. Instead of going for the diamonds in your life, i would settle for the brass and engage into a more humble and spiritual life.

    I can relate , there was a time in my life when i didn't invest anymore in life i was jobless made no effort to study because i thought' life has no meaning, i work my ass for for some 400k costing house, then the house is finally paid of when im 56 then i die a massive heart attack, and wasted my life studying ,working only to dive into my grave at the end' so why would i waste any effort in something where i will have nothing left in the end anyway?

    After a decade of searching for the meaning of life , i found proof that it was to love and help other people, and that there is life after death. I found that life is worth living if you are happy which stems from loving and helping other people. The universe works like a mirror, whatever you cast in it gets casted back on you.

    So what i basically did was to orientate my life onto the meaning of life. It became a lot more spiritual and happier, but of course this doesn't solve your job problem. If i where you, i would goto my local job agency and let them do the searching for me. That's what i did, and that's how i got my job that i have for 3 years now. Because you are down and(i dare say suicidal) i suggest you fill your day with going thru the advertisements, and preferably don't use any e-mail,phone,internet, put on your boots of courage and just walk into a company that looks for people personally and try to sell yourself. If they say no, then you can say to yourself 'i tried' which is better then staying at home doing nothing. Although rejection isn't nice , winning or losing isn't important towards that aspect, the real winning aspect is that you keep going, instead of throwing the towel into the ring which is the worst thing you can do.

    Persistance is the key to succes, therefore if you keep trying you will find a job. And even if you get a well paid job, remember it doesn't matter how much you earn, but how much you have left in the end that matters. Again make a life shift from materialistical to spiritual, you can always go back to your old habits if you dislike it.

    Also post the shitload of other things that are bothering you. I can honestly say that i am concerned about your situation, therefore [email protected] if you ever need to talk, you can add me on msn.
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