TAT I think my ear is infected...

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Ilyusha, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. Ilyusha

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    I got my ear pierced about a month and a half ago, and haven't been cleaning it as often as I should. I get residue from the piercing almost every day, but today there was some blood, so I took the earring out and felt a huge ball inside my lobe where the piercing is. It's hot and it's sort of pulsating.. what should I do?
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    Aug 10, 2004
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    1) salt water soaks, stat.
    2) I often find it beneficial to put neosporin on it at night; not everyone agrees but it has worked for me.
    What did you get it pierced with? Stud (please tell me no) cbr...??

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