I think my power supply is dead....:(

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by shadi, Aug 13, 2003.

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    Hey guys,

    I left my computer off at my apartment for a few days and when i came back, i tried to turn it on and nothing happened. Everything was plugged in and i pressed the power button and the thing seems dead. I took it apart to make sure everything was plugged in correctly and everything was fine. The only things i have noticed so far are the following:

    -when i leave the comp plugged in and the power supply in the "on position" (the I/0 switch in the back) the power supply tends to get warm, but the computer is not on.

    -the second thing is that my ethernet light does not light up in the back of my comp (its not onboard etherent, just an ethernet card)

    -Thirdly, after trying several things to get the comp to turn on, i smelled the PS and (i dunno if it was just me or what) but i kinda smelled a faint burnt smell, again i dunno if it was just my imagination or what....

    How would i go about making sure that my ps is burnt, cus i dont wanna order one online just to have it arrive and still not work. BTW-its a 400watt PS, for a P4 setup, only like 1 year old.

    Also, if you guys think its the PS, what brand/maker would u recomend?
    I also really like my case, so i dunno if i would want to change me case.
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    well an easy way is if you have another box you can just try that PSU with your current setup. Its very common that PSUs die, happened to me on numerous ocasions. Asfar as brand, I always liked thermaltake

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