I think they're trying to spy on me!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by attomica, Feb 24, 2004.

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    I'm a Graphic Designer at a big persian/oriental rug company. I use Photoshop and QuarkXpress primarily. I'm a Mac guy, but they put me on a PC when I started here so we could interface with outside clients who do not use Macs.

    So, I'm working on a catalog, which entails a lot of image manipulation and layout. I'm pleased with the performance of this PC...it's pretty fast. Then, all of a sudden it just bogs down. I mean a full count of three before a mouse click is executed. So, I do a hard restart. When it comes back up, I notice a new icon down in the tool bar by the clock. A right-click reveals that it's a program called winVNC. I suppose they could have installed it after hours or remotely, through the network. I quick search tells me that it's a program meant to view a desktop from a remote location.

    I'm not worried about anything except that they may see that I'm on the net sometimes, but not any more often that when my supervisor goes on a smoke-break and I correspond via email with my brother sometimes. What gets me is the Big Brother feel this is imparting. I'm very productive and can't see a reason why they feel the need to observe my work. My reaction was to do a Find on the local hard drives for winVNC. I located and deleted all the files relevant ot it that I could find.

    Any thoughts about this? What would your reactions be?

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    It's a helpdesk utility for the mostpart. It can be used for what you say it can. All I can say is that computers you use at work are not yours and you have no right to privacy when using them.
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    there is probably a section of your employee agreement that refers to the use of company phone and computer equipment and whether it may be monitored for appropriate use. tracking your web use is easier than vnc - they just have to go through the proxy logs.

    if it is causing performance problems, i would approach it as a technical issue. if they are monitoring you they may just say so. i have had requests from managers to be able to view their employee's desktops but we don't do that because it would have to be applied to all users equally rather than singling someone out and the overhead would be ridiculous. YMMV
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    exactly. you may even get in trouble for deleting winVNC before consolidating them, depending on the agreement you signed.

    if you are doing your job, and occationally see a little bit of lag, you have nothing to worry about. the only people who worry about being spyed on at work are those who dont do work :)

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