I want my computer to disappear like your baby's daddy...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Mr. Monopoly, Jan 18, 2005.

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    I was curious to know if there was a way to make a computer ignore pings (to appear as if it weren't there), avoid tracerts, and change IP's sparatically just to be the ultimate privacy machine. Aside from never connecting to the internet, is there a way that this can be done? A hardware firewall perhaps? :dunno:
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    Having a dynamic IP account with your ISP is a start. And a good 3rd party software firewall like zonealarm can block all internet traffic, if you want it to. It can also block all incoming pings, but you at least want to accept pings from your broadband modem/router in order to stay connected. If you want the ultimate in security, get a router with a hardware firewall to go with zonealarm.
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    zonealarm = eww.

    And most dynamic IPs with broadband do not change often. In approximately 5 years, I've gone through 3-4 IPs. And they really only changed when they re-did the subnets and it was forced to change.

    And you do *not* need to accept pings in order to stay connected. However, it does absolutely nothing to protect you by hiding them, either.
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    Can't avoid tracert's because before you start you need an ending IP. All a tracert does it show you path to get to the IP, regardless of whether or not you're there.

    I disagree with jolly's assesment of Zonealarm. It's better than nothing and on the dozens of computers I've installed it on, I have yet to run into any problems. In a pinch, I even installed it on a server that had to be open to the internet. It was a jerry rig operation that was later replaced with a hardware firewall but it never got hacked.

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