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    Id like to get some background info on piercings, something that I can show my parents. They seemed to have mixed opinions on piercings.

    As background info, they are very religious, as am I, but we tend to disagree. Im 20, and allowed to make my own decisions, but as I am still living under their roof, I must make allowances for their rules.

    They use the verse from the Bible about not piercing or tattooing yourselves as ammo of sorts, but shrug off the ear piercings that my mother and sister both have, saying had they known, they wouldn't have. However, Mom mentioned a week ago that Dad said he didn't mind if she were to get a second set of holes in her ears. She wants to, but she said she didn't know what she would tell my sister and I, because that violates the "rule."

    Mom then mentioned a discussion she had at some point in the past with another woman who researched it abit, and found that the Bible mentions the Bride of Christ as having gold rings in her ears. This other woman took that to mean that it was okay. There's also Genesis 24:22 which mentions a nose ring presented to Rebekah from Abraham.

    Mom said she didn't want me to have any piercings because that would "identify me with a group I wasn't part of" and "extra" piercings are a sign of rebellion. I explained to her that piercings are very widespread now, and not a "sign" of anything in general.

    I read a bit of history at the Tears of the Moon site, a company that makes body jewelry for Hot Topic and the like at http://www.tearsofthemoon.com/feature.asp, but I would like to know more.

    I also checked the BME encylopedia, but wasn't able to find anything there.

    Anything helps, or if you have further questions for me, lemme know.

    Thanks for your time
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