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    Gun Nomenclature

    BORE- Reading another Weaver vs. Iso article
    BUTT- What gets shot off if you fail to train
    FRONT SIGHT- Annoying part that obscures your view of the target
    REAR SIGHT- Part used to remove calluses from hands during malfunction clearance drills
    MUZZLE- Clamp like device used to prevent utterance of b.s. by Shumer, Kerry, Feinswine, etc
    PISTOL- Device often used as a substitute for a real weapon
    SOCIAL SECURITY- Repeating 12 gauge shotgun
    BUCKSHOT- Pills used to cure social diseases
    1911- a) pivotal date in firearms history b) number of gizmos in range bag c) rounds fired monthly by really good shots
    COMBAT FLASHLIGHT- Device used to pinpoint your location for the enemy under poor lighting conditions
    EXTENDED MAGAZINE RELEASE- Device used to prevent magazines from staying in the weapon
    EXTENDED SLIDE RELEASE- Device used to keep the slide from locking open
    DROP-IN PARTS- accessories that demand meticulous hand fitting by an experienced gunsmith
    LASER- Amusement device for pet cats
    SPARE MAGAZINE- weighted device used to counter-balance the pistol on the belt
    BUG- Back-Up Gun, carried strictly to keep parts from breaking on the big pistol
    BULLET- Remote control drill, used to create apertures into the subcutaneous environment
    Shooting Terms
    POINT OF IMPACT- if it goes right= a jerk if it goes left= a push if it goes straight= a miracle
    BEGINNER- Someone working on accumulating bad habits
    MASTER- Someone who has finally grasped the basics
    GUN SHOP COMMANDO- non-shooter who has firmly held beliefs not supported by training, education, or experience
    GUN WRITER- Gun Shop Commando with a word processor
    SEAL- extremely common aquatic animal, there are thousands and thousands of them
    Ex-SEAL- almost anyone behind a typical gunshop counter
    MATCH- a ritual activity used to induce stress, frustration, and anxiety in Beginners and Masters
    COURSE OF FIRE- elaborate dance used in these rituals
    MATCH DIRECTOR- senior witch doctor who oversees rituals
    RANGE OFFICER (competition)- a less senior witch doctor. Due to ingestion of mind altering drugs, his perception
    of the ritual is nothing like that of the Beginners and Masters
    RANGE OFFICER (police)- a person tasked with range maintenance, landscaping, supply, and administration.
    Only rarely involved in relevant training activity.
    MARTIAL ARTIST- A shooter who cannot get through his head that a match is not a gunfight.
    GAMESMAN- A shooter who views his pistol the same as his fly rod, tennis racket, and Nintendo.
    INSTRUCTOR- Mythical, god-like being who imparts wisdom to Beginners, transforming them into Masters. Also
    keeps beginners from getting into trouble through the accumulation of excess money.
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    :rofl: good read
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    Out of my mind, brb never.
    Quite a few laughs there :rofl: :bigthumb:
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    :rofl: good stuff. I like Bullet the best

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