A&P id love to get into photography, but i dont know shit. suggestions?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Seraph, Sep 16, 2003.

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    ive been wanting to get into this for years, but never have got around to it. finally ive got the money for a decent camera (5-600 range) but i have no idea what to buy and whether or not id develop my own film with chemicals or some shit or just take the roll of film to walgreens.

    ive taken some badass pictures, unfortunately they were on disposable cameras so the quality isnt that great. i need a new camera. any advice on what to get and how i should learn about photography more?
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    The short answer is to start reading. There are tons of good books on the subject. Your local community college may also carry courses in Photography as well. If you REALLY want to get into it, do what I did...make it your career.

    Also, several of us have posted answers to questions concerning different aspects of photography on this forum. Start reading. If you have a particular question, ask away.

    As for developing your own film. Don't worry about that yet. You've got a lot to learn before you get to that stage.

    For under $500 you can buy a good used 35mm camera and a couple of lenses and tripod. That will get you started. Find the biggest photography store in your area and go look at cameras. You don't need a brand new camera to start with. My current camera is over 20 years old and is still going strong. Look for a Canon, Nikon or Minolta. All good cameras.

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    I am also interested in photography. I took a highschool class but I really didn't learn anything. I would like to make it my career, I just need to learn alot more about it. I'm the kind of guy who just jumps into my interests, so I will probably be able to spend a decent amount of money on a nice camera once I have learned some. Right now I have no camera at all so I guess I should hit the library soon and start reading up on it, and eventually get a camera. I am confused about how it can be a career tho, I know some people do wedding's and others do magazines, but in general is it a pretty stable way to make a living?

    Also, just out of curiosity, how does a career in photography usually pay? As long as I make enough live on my own I will be happy, but I would be really comfortable with $30K/year (unless I am just being totally unrealistic). Could anyone give me anymore info on any of this? Thanks!
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    books books books. Barnes and noble, overstock.com, etc. Read about them, make sure there are a lot of illustrations and photos in them, so you can see examples of what makes a good photograph, and what doesn't. You can get an entry level slr , the canon rebel, for around 250 with a starter lens.

    Great website for photo gear, and descriptions and tutorials is www.bhvideo.com

    tells you what it is, what it does, and most of the time shows examples.

    Consider what KIND of photographer you want to be. Do you want to do closeups, like macro photography, portroits, landscapes, architecture, abstract etc. Most photographers are good in most areas, but choose to concentrate on one specific area, like myself. Reading a good photo book will help you in this regard.
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    and never take your film to walgreens :p if you have SAMS or COSTCO near you and you are a member, go there instead, their photo labs are MUCH better, cheaper and have top of the line fuji equipment, walgreens usually has SHIT and theyre more expensive...

    ive developed my own stuff, and i still trust my local SAMS and COSTCO as they have given me incredible quality prints for about half what walgreen charges
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    :werd: costco does have a nice lab there
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    Buy a nice digital camera and start shooting. The ability to view your pics instantly will make your "photographic eye" develop much faster and easier. It worked for me. My Sony P7 has turned me into a photo nut, giving me that instant gratification us artists love. Hope this helps.

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