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  1. I'm shopping for internal hard drives for my PC. Are ALL hard drives, including the enhanced IDE's 3½ (3.5) inches in size? My brother told me to buy one (as an additional drive) suitable that fits inside my CPU (into the bay next to my digital camera port).
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    Laptops use 2.5", but any normal size PC uses a 3.5". Quantum used to make the bigfoot which is 5.25", but hasn't in the last ~5 years.
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    words of wisdom don't purchase IBM. they have lawsuits against them for the harddrives melting themselves and malfunctioning. check out for good tips too. seriously don't go ibm most break within 1 year, they have only like 4000 hour lifespan or some joker amount. if you want a superior harddrive go to and get a western digital 80gig or better for around 80-120$ with 8mb of cache. this baby is superb!
  4. I bought an internal 60-GB Seagate Drive. The salesperson at Fry's told me that it's a closeout that Seagate isn't manufacturing anymore hard drives.
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    IBM doesn't make drives anymore, they are Hitachi. And the problems with those drives was 1-2 year old drives. They fixed the problem long ago. They are one of the better drives to get now.

    Seagate is not going to stop making hard drives! they are one of the larger makers out there... the people at fry's are stupid.

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