I'm 28 and single this sucks :(

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by a1nerd, Mar 4, 2005.

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    I have been single my whole life and i have no idea why. I have had sex before on rare occasions on ave like once every 5 years. The girls i have slept with are very ugly and definitely not my type. I don't consider myself ugly or anything i have been told i look ave looking. I feel i have a good sense of humor and i make people laugh. I think chicks sense i have a low self esteem or something.

    I don't get it though there are homeless guys here in san diego that are ugly as hell and they have hot looking girlfriends and i have money and everything and i can't get shit.

    Here is my pic

  2. ClaireBear

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    Personally... from your picture I don't "get it" either... you look very very presentable (for which read :boink: I'd sooooo "hit it" )

    So your looks aren't the problem... I like a man in glasses... means I have to take mine off to kiss... but hey... its no hardship! :p

    So you have to think of the big picture... the simple things first like how you dress and how you smell... its no good wandering around in jeans that haven't been washed in a month and a curry stained T-shirt with "I "heart" Hooters" on it smelling like a wrestlers jock strap and believing a woman will want to date you! You must have a pride in your appearance and I know its difficult when not getting a girl is depressing you but force yourself! :)

    Then there's your personality... if you're too shy and quiet some women find that off putting... most blokes are way too loud and brash! Play on your reserved nature though in terms of where you look for women. Places like a quiet coffee shop, a museum, gallery... arty, intelligent scenes where a brash person would be totally out of place... coupled with the glasses you look arty and intelligent! See... any woman thinks... hmmmm! "Wonder if he's a professeur or an artist?" Avoid loud places (clubs, pubs, bars) where your quiet nature would be useless!

    If you're a "blokey bloke" fart, scratch, swear and rarely shower man. Loving nothing more than getting pissed out of your skull with a large group of male friends all of the same breed this too will count against you. Large leary groups of men scare the bajeebers out of me... and most of my female friends too. You generally look and sound stupid and agressive and warning "date rape" bells start going off in our heads. I suggest you take time out away from your mates and go talk to some women to prepare you for meeting them for real. Talk to your female friends, your sisters, female cousins (but JUST talk with those! :p ) even your Mum... about what women want and find attractive...NEVER I repeat NEVER listen to your male friends concerning women unless they are happily married, a complete ladies man or gay!

    You claim you have low self esteem.. .well... here's a news flash over 85% of women have too... and something in the region of 60% of men. You are not alone! In my opinion having concerns about your personality, looks, life etc is a sign of intelligence... self assessment. Not a bad thing unless it paralises you from doing anything. I'd recommend you write a list... headed "I'm a catch because..." and list all the good things you have to offer a woman... eg. "I have a great sense of humour, I am caring and love giving and recieving cuddles" etc.

    I hope this helps... you actually seem perfectly fine to me... :kiss:
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    Thank you for the insight the info is very helpful. I am reallllly shy and i have a major phobia of talking to women. I do think i photograph very well people always tell me i look alot better in pictures then in person. I am going to try to get some therapy to get over my phobia of talking to women.

    I do have issues with bad breath right now due to either my eating habbits or my sinuses that has hinderd me in the last year. If i can get rid of the bb i would have alot more confidence and i should be able to start conversations.
  4. ClaireBear

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    Parsley! You can chew the actual herb... but its a bit nasty and I think you can get it in tablets from health food shops!

    Also make sure you brush twice a day... and if its a real worry for you when meeting women... buy a travel tooth brush and travel size tooth paste and keep it in your inside jacket pocket!

    Or buy some mouth spray like "goldspot" (that stuffs so strong it burns the tongue... lasts for hours) and nip to the loo for a quick spritz now and again.

    Also look at you diet... is it high in garlic and highly flavoured foods... but on a more serious note consistant bad breath can be a sign of digestive/gastric problems... if you suffer abdominal pain I'd get it checked out! :) :kiss:
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    There's your answer. Grow balls. Do it. I've been there myself.
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    Aug 10, 2004
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    I had a major phobia of speaking to women too at one point. What I simply did was walk up to random women and just start talking to them. The confidence built up and then I started picking up women. Walk helped me out even more was taking a class on public speaking. Once you get over the fear of people or a group of people, 1 woman won't intimidate you as much.
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    You look decent looking enough to me, so that leads me to believe its your horrible attitude.

    You need to relax, let go of your inhibitions and just go with the flow, get some "CONFIDENCE" and balls and start asking women out on dates, pick up some charm/whit along the way.... Good sense of humor = +

    but if you are very akward in social situations, and by that I mean your body posture and things you say, it could get ugly...

    PRACTICE, you seem very shy/introvert.

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