SRS i'm afraid my brother is going to kill himself

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by limited_skillz, Jan 27, 2006.

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    -20 years old, lives at home
    -im not sure whats up, but i think he dropped out of university
    either that or he switched it to internet courses
    -5'3" (probably less), 150 lbs (probably more)
    -most likely never had a gf in his life (none that he has brought home at least)
    -is a radical conservative who hates immigrants (despite him being one)
    -pretty damn ugly
    -reads strange nazi books, and other obscure literature
    -goes to sleep at like 5am everynight
    -is at home 99% of the time other than work/doing errands for parents

    only thing going for him is that he has a job, and some friends, although they're mostly people he chilled with in high school, and i doubt any of his friends are girls

    he's a bit better at socializing than me, but still if he wasn't my brother and i saw him at a party, i'd avoid him completely

    i just feel really bad, because i think he's a pretty good brother, other than the whole radical conservative, hating everyone thing

    is there anything i could do to help him? i've never brought this up to him, but i have a feeling he dwells on it alot
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    Guys like that would never admit it, best to say this to your dad and let him run a check on him. Just go to your dad something like this ' yadayada is always on his room being unhappy, i dunno he might go kill himself or something (then bringing up the neo nazi literature) if dad and mom are unwilling , maby you can convince him to go with you and on a walk to 'somewhere' have a talk with him something like 'whats up bro' and if he says nothing, or just the usual or casual bring it up to him, and tell him your worried.

    Your brother doesn't sound like someone 'easy accessible', he might just do it, even if he says he will not kill himself, force him to promise you ,he won't go kill himself and tell him that you are always there for him. call a suicide hotline yourself for expertise and additional advice or give your brother the number you find on that website.

    Good luck and keep an eye on your brother. :wavey:
  3. TFunkadelic

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    Jul 22, 2005
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    How can he have those things going on in his life and be better at socializing than you?
  4. Socrates

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    A lot of those things don't seem too bad.

    Reading the Nazi book shit --- I read a lot of books on Hitler and the Third Reich, but it's only because i'm interested in what happend, not because i'm planning on becoming some racist serial killer.

    He sounds like he just needs to find a purpose in life. He'll probably find something he is passionate about and get interested in it.
  5. Boogieman117

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    What are his interests, other than the Nazi Party?
    What classes do you assume he is taking? Do the classes point towards some degree? If no idea, ask him casually. "How are your classes going?"

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