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Aug 11, 2004
Atlanta Area
Congrats. My 10 year old is in the scholastic action speed shooting program. I couldn’t find the 10/22 I wanted for him so I ended up buying him a Begara BXR 22.
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Nov 15, 2000
Bay Area, CA
1. No guests of the guest allowed on premises without either homeowner present and their consent.

2. The guest’s privacy will be respected, however the homeowners reserve the right to enter and inspect the guest room at any time for both cleanliness and for technical purposes, as the guest room houses technology the homeowner must access.

3. The guest must maintain a cleanliness standard that equates to the homeowner’s standards. No food, dishes, or silverware shall be left in the guest room overnight.

4. The guest is allowed to stay in the guest room for a period of xx months, terminating on xxx, xxxx, 2015

5. The guest must make adequate efforts to create financial stability for himself. The guest must be willing to demonstrate these efforts to the homeowners at their request through either bank statements, demonstration of cash, or other means that satisfy the homeowners requirements.

6. The guest shall not encroach on the master bedroom or daughter’s room at any time without receiving prior permission from the homeowners

7. The guest is welcome to utilize technology installed in the house, however any damages to the equipment by the guest or anyone the guest represents are the sole fiscal responsibility of the guest(including, but not limited to computers, televisions, servers, internet connectivity devices, media streaming devices, the “movie room”, etc

8. The guest will be allowed use of a laptop(Dell E4300) while staying in the house. The guest will let the homeowners know of any software required for his use, and the homeowners will install it for him. The laptop’s primary purpose is for career advancement(school, job searching, etc), but any other legal uses are acceptable.

9. The guest must respect the homeowners work schedules and daughter’s schedule. Please no loud music or noise after 10pm.

10. The homeowners will provide dinners for the guest, if wanted, and for the guest’s child when present.



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