I'm building my own Subwoofer! But where can I get the parts in Canada?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Jonny K, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. Jonny K

    Jonny K Guest

    I'm just looking for a subwoofer for a home theater. Having talked to a bunch of guys at this do-it-yourself subwoofer website (http://www.diysubwoofers.org/), I'm thinking of this:

    Driver: Shiva 12"

    This driver is highly recommended by the guys at this site, and it's got sweet stats, including Xmax! (how far the thing moves). And it's rated up to 650W I believe.

    Then to power it, I might use this:

    Amp: 250W Amp from www.partsexpress.com (link won't work right)

    This is also recommended by these guys. They say this combo kicks...

    Lastly, I'm going to build my own box according to the instructions on the Adire website.

    Now I've found a place in BC that sells these drivers (an outlet of the main company), and it's way cheaper not having to go through the US for it. Plus, shipping is free!


    But now I need to find a 250W plate amp here in Canada. Does anybody know of a good source? The one at "Creative Sound" is more expensive than what I want to spend...

    And what do you think of this setup? Several people have told me it will work great. Is that really the case?


    Jonny K.
  2. 04

    04 Guest

    Looks like a good setup. If you want pretty loud bass, I would go with a Tempest instead. It is not much more money either.

    Are you going with a sealed or ported design? Are you using it for music or movies?
  3. Jonny K

    Jonny K Guest

    Home theater, so movies. But music as well.

    See, I had just recently bought a 12" sub at Costco, apparently highly rated. Well when I played it at the volumes I like to listen to, it...um...(I'm not familiar with the terminology), it basically made ugly noise. :)

    So I want a good sub I can play at high volume. I've been getting my information from here:


    (posting as Jonny K)

    I think the design will be ported (as these guys recommend). Adire seems to have good information on building the boxes.

    Jonny K. :)
  4. Jonny K

    Jonny K Guest

    Oh, and as for my budget, I'm trying not to go too much over 400 Canadian. (about 250 US)

    A Tempest will add another 50 dollars to that. I actually started with a budget of 300, but then upped it a bit more. At this rate, I'll be spending 1,000!

    Jonny K. :)
  5. 04

    04 Guest

    Gotcha. Well, then the shiva will work well, take those guys opinions on the box, they are pretty knowledgeable.

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