I'm buying a Civic, need help expert.

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by labyrinth, Jul 14, 2004.

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    im a first time buyer and owner. i need your opinion about the price of civic and the problem with my dealer. im getting a 4 doors, ex, 36,700 something mileage, and clean carfax. the dealer offered at 14,800, i neg.'d down to 10k flat. whoo hoo. anyway, im got it with no pre-payment but first 3 months loans (so dealer can get some comm.). is the price too good to be true? because i compared other prices of similar ex with mileage and checked on kelly blue book, the price was suppose to be more than 13k. i paid 1,000 to keep the car and have not heard from this dealer more than a week. my insurance and i kept calling them to get the damn confirmation from the bank. they made some excuses and never return calls/messages. :squint:
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    Odd. Go down there and talk with them if they don't pick up the calls.
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    have you looked the car over closely? if you're not too knowledgeable about cars, ask a friend who knows a thing or two to go with you and give the car a once over. i was close to buying a car awhile back that was one of those 'almost too good to be true' deals, so when the guy let me test drive i went by a friends house, and within 2 minutes he told me the thing had been wrecked before (seller denied it completely). when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. is this a honda dealer?
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    yes this was a honda dealer and the car was certified. i drove it and it was in good shape. like i said it has clean carfax.
    well, it has been about a week and half and i finally went in there yesterday. they knew i was coming in but they had me waiting for ONE hour over these paper works. and guess what they attempted force me to sign up, some extended warranty that was almost a thousand dollar and all other sort of bull shit stuffs. all that sums up to MORE than $17,000. thats the price for brand new civic. i was so pissed off, i left, they grabbed all of papers and walked away. i believe it was either they tried to get me to turn down the deal because they might have sold it to someone else, or that they tried to steal my $1,000 down payment because they kept me waiting from calling the bank to halt my check. they never gave me a piece of paper (receipt nor business card)
    ive heard that place has bad reputation and i couldnt find one information about that place on internet. even though it was one of a few largest honda dealership here, i dont get it. im going to report this to betterbusinessbureau.com. worst customer service ever.

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