I'm buying these speakers - opinions encourage!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by JazzHound, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. JazzHound

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    I'm no baller yet so I can't bling bling.

    I'll use these mainly for my computer tasks but the reviews say they're not too bad. Price is 179 MRSRP but I'm getting it for $200CND so that's like $130USD. What opinions do you have about altec lansing as a manufacturer of mass consumer speakers?

    I have 4 seperate satellites from my current system, maybe I can do 9.1 speaker setup :big grin:
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    For the love of god do not get those speakers. Have you even heard them? When I demoed them a few months back, they sounded terrible, there was NO lower midrange or bass. There was a huge gap in the frequency response from the bass unit to the satilite speakers. Those fullrange 1" drivers are not good for midrange or bass, and Altec was dumb for trying to make a tweeter do a midrange's job. That set was obviously inspired for looks over performance. If you are just getting the speakers because they look cool, then fine, but if you are getting them for accurate sound reproduction.... :ugh:
  3. D3vilz

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    Dood spend a few bucks more and get some klipsch 2.1's... You will be happy. If u want a 4.1 system, klipsch has a refurb model that they will sell cheaper than the 2.1's

    2.1's are 179.99 i thiink

  4. thegeneral

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    I have the 4.1 system... I got them for only a hundred bucks... they sound really good for the price. I will admit though, as previously said, there is a complete lack of midrange. Most people would not notice it, and there is a good chance you are like that.

    Go to Comp USA or something and demo them. :dunno: But definately there is no need for the 5.1 setup man. Get the 4.1's like mine if anything for $79 bucks less and use them in STEREO. Don't even bother to try to make your computer a wanna be home theater, because it will never compare.

    If you want them for just casually listening to MP3s on the computer, and general computer crap, they'll be fine. But if you want a REAL NATURAL flat responce these don't offer it.

    But it's not like any other computer speakers do anyways. :p

    Just my 2 cents. :dunno:
  5. JazzHound

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    Im coming from a 4.1 system from labtec, the pcb on the subwoofer broke after i jammed it with a screw driver :big grin: I would consider getting some hi-fi speakers but I dont have a reciever or necessities to make it work with my computer. The klipse are pretty cool but the ones i want are out of my range.

    Oh can someone explain to me what midrange is ? I listen to all variety of music.

    thanks for the input but I'm not an audiophile and I bet you guys have alot higher expectations than the average listener.
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    Well you could always start with a 100 dollar sony or technics stereo reciever. Then spend a bit of money on a nice pair of speakers. Starting out it would be a bit expensive, but you would have less need to upgrade in the future.

    Midrange is the range of tones that are basically in the middle of the human's hearing spectrum. You could consider anywhere from 200 to 5 thousand cycles per second as midrange. Instruments that make that midrange sound are a human voice, guitar, middle range of a piano, or a violin.

    If your expectations of sound quality are not high, then I am sure the Altec Lansing set will work, I mean it looks really cool I admit. The fact of the matter is, most average people do not care about an accurate stereo, they just want one that works, or is loud. Sound quality is usually not a priority.
  7. JazzHound

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    Would you caution against buying a reciever with built in DVD player? I thought about what you said and having serous reservation about getting the speakers set. I do need a replacement but maybe some $50 would be enough.. now, I'm just browsing without much, if any research but these SONY recievers look pretty good (quite expensive though) which have built-in DVD players. Caution against this setup or will it do. No where does it list it having progressive scanning which in my limited understand is a must have in DVD technology.



    Thx again.
  8. 04

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    I wouldnt buy a reciver with a built in dvd player. As for progressive scan, no one even needs that except for people with tvs that would support it. Why not make it simple, do you really need surround? If not, just go down to your local consumer electronics store and buy a 100 dollar receiver, and then whatever other money you can spare on a pair of nice speakers. Then buy a 2 dollar 1/8" plug to rca adaptor and plug it into your computer. You will have great sound for a decent price, with the ability to upgrade in the future.

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