I'm cursed and lucky at the same time. :le-sigh:

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    Cliffnotes: Brand new rear tire has a screw about an inch long lodged in it. I want to punch somebody in the face.

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my back tire needed replacing. Out of vanity I like looking at my bike whenever I'm done riding, and the bald spot (about 2mm wide and 2 inches long) happened to be on visible part of the tire. I've only got about 250 miles on this new set of tires (replaced the front at the same time to have a matching pair since was upgrading from D207 to D208).

    Tonight I decided to go ride around and practice for shits and giggles. After I got back I was checking out how thick this new pair of gloves I just bought were by touching the exhaust. It was dark out already and I don't really know how I noticed it but I see a screw head on the tire. :madfawk: It had lodged itself almost flush with the bottom of the tire, right along the center line. Seriously, I don't know how I could manage to do this because the front tire would've rolled over it first. It didn't sound like it was leaking air so I tried to take out the screw :hs: but it definitely started leaking then so I screwed it back in so I could limp it to the motoshop on Monday.

    Honestly I don't know how long it has been in the tire. It could've lodged itself on tonight's ride, or this afternoon's ride, or maybe even before that. I wasn't cruising around town, I had hit triple digit speeds on the freeway. :hs: Now I'm fucking paranoid thinking a neighbor or someone is fucking with my bike. I think I can get the tire replaced for about $150, but no more than $180. But damn, I can't help imagining the tire blowing out while I'm doing a 100 on the freeway or some shit like that. I hope my bad luck streak ends soon. :(

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