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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Robb, Feb 24, 2006.

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    So, its been pretty cold here for the past couple weeks, and yestrday it finally warmed up to around 45. So, instead of using qew like i usually do, I took my car to the local car wash. It was a stall type w/ a power washer. One thing was that the soap worked really well, although it probably stripped protection. Another interesting thing was, they had a small hand held nozzle w/ Tri-Gloss, it was a foam stuff that you sprayed on then rinsed off. I thought id give it a try, it seemed to be awesome, i sprayed it on, then rinsed my car off, then drove my car pretty fast to dry it off. By the time i got home my car looked awesome and was totally spot-free.

    It seems that the tri-gloss product really worked well, and my car looked as good as it does after i wash it and quick detail.

    So, now im wondering, are all my hours in vain, it takes me an hr to wash my car when it took 5 mins to do it at the car wash.

    I could do maybe 4 full details a year and use the car wash to maintain it.

    I dont know, just kind of thinking out loud, anyone else have experience w/ tri-gloss? It seemed to make the water really bead up and it just flew off the car at around 60mph. it was pretty cool.
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    That beading effect will be gone after the first rain, I promise.

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