SRS im feeling so down right now... v school..

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by kenzo, Nov 11, 2005.

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    Jun 3, 2004
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    im first year of this program... My marks was fine until i did the stats midterm... i did my hw for stats, and students ask me for help. I did pretty good for the quiz too. but i really fucked up on the test, and failed..
    i was just soo sad... i tried, but i end up failing.. the class average was a failing mark... but still,... im really sad.. cuz i know i actually did work in that classs and fail. i dropped stats and plan to take it again. But i feel like that i tried to do something, but still end up fuking it up.
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    :hug: Don't worry , diploma's aren't really important. What matters is that you are a helping and loving being in the inside. What really matters is that you tried your best,and you can't do more then that. :love:

    Keep on trying , even tho its hard :wavey:

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