I'm getting a loud, overpowering buzz on my speakers

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Docter Pepper, Aug 26, 2007.

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    Ok, so i have my pc linked up to my receiver. I have an S-Video cable running from my pc to the receiver. I have a small splitter attached to my pc's audio out. One line goes to the pc speakers and the other goes to the receiver. I just set this up today, but it is exactly the same way i had it last year at a different apartment. When i set my receiver to play the pc's audio, there is a loud buzz that drowns out the music. I also hear this on my pc speakers when both lines are connected to the splitter. If i disconnect the line running to the receiver, my pc speakers sound fine.

    This lead me to think something must be wrong with the audio cable. But, when i hooked the splitter up to my ipod, the music sounds fine on both sets of speakers. I then though maybe there was interference with the layout of the speaker wire, so i ran another line of speaker wire along a different path, but the buzz was still there. the most recent thing i tried was buying a sound card. i had always been using on-board audio. I added the sound card and that didn't change anything. What is wrong? All my double checks to try and narrow down the problem have not solved anything. This set up worked perfectly fine 3 months ago before i moved.

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