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    Not really, but I thought it was a catchy title. :hsugh: On a serious note, I just got some ADHD medication. 20 mg capsules of vyvanse. From what I understand, it's a bit of a taboo to discuss ADHD meds. A lot of people seem to be upset about the existence of the concept, let alone that people get medication for it. So as not to disturb anyone, I've decided for the time being not to publicly discuss this on the forum. I would like to talk to people about this, but I don't want anyone to get over-anxious and try to get themselves diagnosed with this. I'm going to start taking it tomorrow morning. Doc gave me the lowest dosage possible and said to try 1/4 of the 20 mg capsule to make sure it doesn't affect my heart. Father said to just take the whole thing because I don't have any heart problems. I'd like to know if this is too little for a noticeable change to occur. Honestly, at first I thought the doc was giving me the run-around, making sure I don't get meds. Now, it seems that he's barely giving me any at all. He wants me to come back in a month. Again, do you know anyone else on this forum that is taking this stuff, so I can discuss with them the things I'm thinking about? Perhaps I should just post this train of thought on the forum and hope I don't send the wrong message? Oh, and again, I was joking with the thread title. I'm very weird. :hs:

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    Ignorant people stereotype and make assumptions, when each individual case requires individual attention. Unless they're a doctor and or have extensive experience beyond just themselves dealing with ADHD, their opinion means little to nothing.

    Let them be upset, their ignorance isn't your problem. In other words "Fuck em'."

    Of course. Overdiagnosing conditions is sometimes common. Diseases can go through cycles where it becomes "fadish" to look to a particular illness or condition without thoroughly investigating carefully. What happens is this: If you go looking for ADHD as a doctor, you're likely to find it in any patient.

    A doctors job, as well as a therapist is to remain objective, to follow patterns, to listen to the patient, and to not just jump into a treatment because of entirely subjective and poorly examined results. Lazyness is often a source of poor diagnosis, so you should always work with a good doctor who looks at things carefully and spends the time to really listen and care about the context of your situation and your health. You can find good doctors on (For others looking).

    He's being cautious and that's good right now. New medications don't always work for every patient. He wants to probably build up the dose and see how you respond to each. It's not uncommon for a "good" doctor to take things slowly. It's a slow process of getting the right medication for the right patient. So if it takes time, try to be patient. Do you like the doctor and does he respect you and what you're going through? If yes, then go forward. If no, then find someone else. If you want a second opinion to see if the diagnosis is correct, you can do that too with another psychiatrist. You can have more than one while getting second opinions. These are just some tips.

    It's ok, it was a good idea to post it. Anyone who gives you a problem, Darketernal will rape them and delete their post. I wish you the best in your situation improving.

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