SRS I'm lacking emotions

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by crunchy_black, May 5, 2007.

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    So.... I'm 23, I'm not depressed, not happy. I just go through my life day in day out.. just crusing.

    Thing is.. people will yell / cry at me because i don't care.
    Of course i DO care.. just no where near the levels of normal people it seems.
    Whats worse.. i'm getting more and more comments about me not caring.. and now it's starting to bother me.

    But.. on the plus side i do have this girl i see who likes me cause i don't care and i am really open minded.
    She can whore herself.. stick bottles up her anus. whatever i dont care

    The way i've always looked at it.......
    Everyone's different i always thought..
    One end is those crazy people that cry when a bug dies.
    Other end is me, those who don't care.
    but now it's getting to the point where im getting botherd by it.

    My last GF, i never loved.. i treated her as a friend who i had sex with :hs:
    I think i don't have enough emotions in me to ever love a girl.

    When i was 14-20 my emotions were crazy, crying.. falling in love with girls.
    But now it seems it's just same shit differnt smell.

    I don't judge myself and i don't think i will ever be a failure or anything like that because i don't have any expectations of myself :x:
    I guess to any person, they have good and bad things about thereself.

    I dunno....

    Is this a normal part of getting older?
    You experince things in life and it's just the same shit in repitition?
    I need more to drive me..
    Sex is one thing that i still enjoy in life.
    OT and video games just seem like a void to fill the time.

    end rant /
  2. The Saggin' Nutz

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    Apr 6, 2007
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    im the same way kinda, i lack emotion, especially when bad things happen... but with my line of work i see death and destruction etc every day and i think thats why
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    May 2, 2007
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    New Zealand
    Find something that gives you emotion, preferably something good, and do that lots, try kickboxing, or kendo, excercise.

    You sound pretty strange to me, but i reckon you need to stop feeling so final about it. This is just a phase youre passing through, you will get better. Believe that and eventually itll come true. Its all in your head.
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    CA, Fresno
  5. Hisma

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    Apr 2, 2006
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    an altered consciousness
    you're a nihilist. Did you know that the worse emotion you can experience is actually apathy?
    I've been in your place. There are books written about people who think as you do.


    I've read em, they make you feel better and help you realize not only how to cope with these feelings, but that there are others out there like you.

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