im looking for a double DIN CD/MP3/DVD player...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by dmora, Jul 2, 2003.

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    However things are looking grim. The only one that i have found that looks to be worth anything and relates to what i want would be this one from Rosen...

    I have seen other manufacturers make CD/MP3/DVD in dash kits, but they are only single DIN. I have an SC300 Lexus and i dont want to make it look cheap with only half a deck in there basically. Thats why i want the double. :hs:

    Does any one know if this one is any good? Anyone even heard of it?


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    I'm in same boat....there's an eclipse hu that's model #7301. Double din screen/cd/tape/radio etc, but theres no dvd or mp3 on it


    i've been looking on ebay seeing used ones for about 600. They were made in 98 so they might not be as up to date
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