GAME I'm not surprised, but this is still cracking me up...


Oct 26, 2006
Youd think this was a joke...


I really cant believe that they're now on the third game in like 18 months. So ridiculous...they milk the shit out of every game...but the 35 Street Fighter 2 releases were outrageous...I thought Super Street Fighter 4 was kinda ridic but THIS? What the hell are they adding to this now? You KNOW they could just do this shit as downloadable content, really shitty that they're making another full priced game.


Sep 25, 2005
Because they know fighting game tournaments are UNBELIEVABLY popular right game forces everyone to buy it.


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Apr 1, 2004
bunch of ignorant scrubs in this thread

its 15 bucks on console you idiots, theres a retail cd version that you dont have to buy if you already have super


Jan 25, 2003
Last one wasnt full priced, neither is this one. Not that I play them, but I think people thought that the value of SSF4 was good. :dunno:


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Sep 10, 2003
Stupid fag fight games just an excuse to stroke a stick and practice balloon knot flicking techniques


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Mar 11, 2003
Street Fighter IV - February 17, 2009 $59

Super Street Fighter IV - April 27, 2010 $39 (added enough to be a new game)

SSFIV: Arcade Edition - June 7, 2011 $15 (DLC if you have Super) / June 28 2011 $39 (Disc) (complete rebalance + new characters + new content)

Each release is over a year apart and adds a lot more than other games released yearly (sports, CoD, etc.). Not to mention they aren't even full price. The fighting game scene is HUGE now and, at these prices, it's really a steal. Pretty sure everyone in the fighting game community would pay full retail for each release if they had to.


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I seriously dont get the hate on this...

There were 35 different Street Fighter 2's because of the constant re-balancing and upgrading done to the game (and also the lack of the Internets existence). The game was so popular at the time that Capcom wanted to say on the cutting edge with it, and offer tournament players the experience they deserve.

Now that we have online gaming, most of the simple updates that would have rendered a "Street Fighter 4 Turbo" or "Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition" and so on, can be sent over small updates to the original game. However, when the balancing structure is retooled to the point that it effects almost all characters and they add new characters into the mix. It becomes a bigger update then acceptable for download.

Something that is also over looked is that this is still an arcade game in japan, which abides by the same rules about updates as they did 15 years ago. So if capcom whats to update the arcade, new units need to be sent out. When that happens the home console users say "hey wtf, us too!" so then capcom has to retool the updated data to run on a 360 and PS3. Then they can release it, because we asked for it.

Arcade Edition is what the users of this game asked for, It will be available as DLC and they are making it on disc as well. But why the disc? New discs keep games fresh at retail. Places like Walmart, Target and so on, only keep games on the shelf that sell and when they stop selling, they clearance them out to make room for new games. If a game isnt selling well or its getting "Stale" on the shelf. A studio will then release a "Game of the Year edition" and then it becomes new again at retail, effectively hitting the reset button on shelf life. So adding a disc based version of this massive update keeps the Street Fighter name at retail that much longer, which is good for sales and good for fans of the franchise because, the more popular it gets the more likely we are to see a Street Fighter 5.


oh sorry I mean, fuck all that noise^ bitchs just be milkin' me for my hard earned cash. Fuckin' Capcom and they're corporate bullshit... i wish they would just quit making money and go out and make a cool indie game that nobody hears about, then go bankrupt and close up shop so the next big company can repeat the same process. :ugh:
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