I'm so confuzed ... ATX, AUX, ATX AUX

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by johnnywallywallace, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. :hs:

    this is the board I'm putting in my new server:

    it has a 24 pin ATX connector, plus an AUX connector, plus an ATX AUX connector. now, my ATX power supply has a 20 pin male, plus a 4 pin male, plus the (6?) pin ATX AUX. what/which should be hooked up, and how? I thought the 20 pin + ATX AUX, but the system's not booting ... fans come on, but no BIOS beep ...
  2. ok so I guess I have an atx20 PSU with an ATX AUX connector as well as a 4 pin ATX plug ... but the 20+4 don't seem to fit in the atx24 spot, and either the atx4 or atx20 alone in the atx24, with the aux connected, fail to boot the machine. fans spin, but again, no BIOS beep ... I removed the GRMs from around the slots so my processors fit properly ... should that have mattered?

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