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    Forgive my post because it may jump around and be unorganized but I just need to get all the shit off my back that is causing me stress. Each point being a part of some sort of my stress.

    I'm 20. I go to community college this semester after 3 semesters of being at Mizzou. I just got a new job at the Cheesecake Factory opening up here and tonight is my last night at my last job, Chili's.

    1. My new job requires 40 hours of training over 5 days: Thurs, Fri, Sat, Mon, and Tues, AM or PM. When I was hired I was understanding that you could work either training (AM or PM). However that's not true, so I had to work all nights because of school in the morning. So I had to miss my Friday night class which I emailed the teacher, turned in my project early, and got the syllabus for the next project. (I say had to because I don't want to skip a shit because I want this new job to work out.) So missing the class that only meets one day a week kind of annoyed me.

    2. My last schedule came up at Chili's on Sunday and I was scheduled Thursday night and Saturday night (tonight). I tried every single person who knew how to do my job. I asked, I offered money, I offered picking up their shifts on Sunday (technically my last day but I'm not scheduled). Of the 5+ people who could work either one of my shifts. None did. Be it they were shitty shifts (Saturday night closing) I made big offers. So that annoyed me.

    3. Adding on to 2, I had to switch to AM training at the Cheesecake Factory for today only which was worrying me but it did end up happening. I had to switch because I wasn't going to no-call-no-show at a job that's a good referrence. However since I had to switch to AM class, I had to miss my Saturday morning class which also bothered me.

    -side note: The two classes I missed where the only times I missed it this semester and will be the only times I will miss those classes. Also to clarify about 2 and 3, because no one working for me tonight and having to do the AM class, I worked 8-4 today and I have to work 6-11:30 tonight. Long day which sucks.

    4. The new schedule for next week at the Cheesecake Factory came out and I'm scheduled Friday night (not part of my availability which they know about.) So I talked to my manager today about it. Even though it's not part of my availability, so I shouldn't have been scheduled it, I have to find someone to switch with (we have to work one shift over Thurs or Fri, AM or PM. It's a guest mock which is important for us.) That puts a strain on me. The person they told me to try because she wanted to work the PM shift had already switched with someone. So now I'm in the same boat I was with Chili's where it never ended up working out. Grr.

    5. My GF stresses me out and talks about how she wishes we could spend more time together. I already "live" there without living there. I sleep there and everything. I don't have much free time right now with training, school, and the finishing up my other job. I'm 20, she's 18. We shouldn't be living together like we do. We should be sleeping at our parents house seeing each other being home at certain times. (She has her own apartment because her mom moved to AZ) I haven't seen my parents in a while and they commented about how I'm never home when I talked to them last week.

    6. We just moved to a new house 25 miles away from our old house. It's less in St.Louis county and more in boonies. So now I have to drive 20-30 minutes to go home and if I stayed there it'd be 20-30 minutes added onto the drives I have when I leave from my GFs apartment.

    7. I like the community college. I like it more than Mizzou. Maybe because I like my classes more or I see my GF regularly and am not bothered by her constant wishing we could spend all the time in the world together like I was when I was 100 miles away in Columbia. But she doesn't like it and wants to go to Mizzou and wants me to go. I don't want to. Even though I told her not to, she just wants to go where I do. She gradulated high school early to go to college. This really bothers me, when I think about it, I'm very much so bothered by it. She puts all her eggs in one basket and talks about futures when I just want to think about now.

    8. I'm taking a shit right now typing on the laptop so that relieves some pressure.

    I have to get ready for work and leave so I'll be back later to add more and clarify any questions. I'm not looking for people to be sorry for me, I just need to type it out and want any ideas to help me get rid of some of the stress or get better ways to control it. Thanks, I'll be back in a few hours :hs:
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    this is not a literature contest.
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    Well.. all you really need to do is wait for the Chillis job to be finished up, which is soon. Once that's done, and your training, you'll probably have more free time anyway. If you get a set schedule at the factory, that will be real helpful. Once you do, you'll know when you have free time to spend with your gf and whatever else you wanna do. You just gotta make it through the hard part right now.. and you're doing good so far.

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